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Monday, 10 May 2010 02:00

Mission Fishin Jigs

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About four years ago I picked up a standard pack of 1/2 oz jig heads to tip with shrimp for tripletail along the Port Canaveral buoy line. The first buoy we got to had three or four nice tripletail on it so out goes the shrimp jig combo and right away we are hooked up with a nice fish only to have the hook straighten out.
One of my fishing buddies gave me one of his jigs heads, a Mission Fishin jig. I tie it on and threw out another shrimp this time there was a much different result when my line went tight.

After a ten minute fight up popped a 15lb tripletail, we put him in the boat and into the ice bath he went. The first thing I noticed is the hook was still in great shape and still very sharp, from that moment on I was sold!

Mission Fishin Jig Heads are made in eleven different colors from white to my favorite brown and gold flake.  The hooks are Mustad's Black nickel, needle point hooks that are one of the strongest and sharpest hooks on the market today.


Mission Fishin Weedless jerk bait hooks come in wide gap weighted and unweighted from 3/0 to 5/0 and are available in weights ranging from 1/32 oz to 1/8oz.  The hooks are also available in Black or red.


Here are a few photos of fish I have caught on the Mission Fishin jig heads!

Mission Fishin Caught RedfishMission Fishin Caught Mangrove SnappersMission Fishin RedAnother Mission Fishin Red

The best fish story I have involving a Mission Fishin jig head goes like this:

I was fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon on one of my favorite grass flats when I saw a tailing Redfish about twenty yards from me so I made a cast and almost as soon as my paddle tail hits the water I was hooked up to a nice fish. The fish started pulling drag and towing me across the flat so I knew it was a good fish but I was running out of.  So I started to palm the spool a little and managed to get the fish turned around or so I thought.  By this point I had been working on the fish for about five minutes or so and as I was just about to get him to the Yak he takes off on another run.

I noticed that my leader seemed to be double the normal length because I was able to see my knot out of the water.  This fish has to be longer than my leader, this was odd I thought.  So after a few more short runs the Redfish is alongside my Yak and I saw why I had such a hard time landing this fish MY 1/8 oz Mission Fishin jig head it hooked in the tail of a very nice 32 inch Redfish.


Hal Lelle is the owner of Mission Fishin Lure Co. who in a time when almost all of the other manufacturers of jig heads have taken their product overseas to be made cheaper and in bigger volume Hal figured out a way to make his jigs here in the U.S and sell them for less than other companies. Take a look at what Mission Fishin has to offer on their website www.missionfishinlures.com

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Charles Levi Jr

Charles "redfish chuck" is a life long fisherman located on Florida's Space Coast that at thirty-one years old he prides himself on being a well rounded angler. From freshwater to saltwater and open ocean fishing, Charles not only builds his own rods but he also ties his own flies. Charles is also a Pro Staff Member of Yakangler.com, Jackson Kayaks, Yeti coolers and Handler Fishing Supply.

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