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Sunday, 07 October 2012 00:00

SealSkinz Mid Weight Mid Length Sock

Written by Jason Harrip
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I think every fisherman will agree: our worst enemy in winter is cold, wet feet. Whether you’re casting from a bank or paddling across your favorite lake, the dreaded soggy socks can lead to a very uncomfortable day on the water.

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The SealSkinz patented technology includes three-layer construction, and this particular sock has a Merino wool inner layer for extra warmth and comfort.

When I fish from my kayak in areas withoutlaunching facilities or boat ramps, I often have to enter the water to get into my kayak. I was astounded at just how dry my feet were after stepping into the cold water, and how quickly the outer layer of the sock dried.

This sock is designed for a calf-height fit, and I was impressed with how it kept its shape. My socks have been through the wash around 30 times, and are as firm and comfortable as the day I purchased them.

SealSkinz socks2

My SealSkinz socks are a mandatory item in my winter fishing arsenal, and I couldn’t imagine a winter yakking trip without them on my feet.

Stay tuned for a Sealskinz gloves review coming soon.


About the Author: Jason is a self confessed mad yak fisho from Victoria, Australia. Jason patrols the waters of the mighty Murray, searching for golden perch, murray cod and redfin from his Hobie Outback and writes a blog based on all things kayak fishing at yakkintackle.com


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# Westwindmike 2012-10-10 10:31
If you step in over the top of the sock, do you get a lot of water inside the sock? If so, do you need to take it off to dry it out on the kayak, or just keep wearing it. Thanks.
# Yakkin Tackle 2012-10-18 06:17
I try not to get too wet in winter but when I have stepped in passed the sock I havent noticed any wetness at all.
When the weather warms a little, I will always take the socks off and turn them inside out... They tend to dry quicker.

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