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Thursday, 26 January 2012 12:53

GreenFish Movement CPR Mount

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As we frequently do here on YakAngler.com, I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new product by GreenFish Movement.  Green Fish is a for-profit organization that has built a stylish line of apparel and products for retail sale, and a percentage of all sales go a multitude of fishing related charities of your choice.

cprmountI received an email a few months ago from Bryan Godber letting me know how excited they were to release this new kayak fishing accessory to the public.  They saw a need for a better camera mounting system, and created one that has multiple uses and benefits – the “CPR Mount”.

As you can see in the image to the left, you can use this camera mount with the “Flex Arm” for more versatile camera angles, or you can remove the “Flex Arm” for a more traditional monopod mount.

The CPR Mount also comes ready for use in a Scotty mount, or you can utilize the “Expansion Locking System” for mounting in a tube rod holder or flush mount rod holder that is found on most fishing kayaks.


The CPR Mount retails for $95.99 on the GreenFish Movement website, and $4.00 of every purchase will be donated to the charity of your choosing.

I personally can’t wait for the reviews to start rolling in on this new product.


About the Author: Adam Hayes is an avid kayak angler and the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com He is addicted to fishing tackle and gear and is dedicated to growing the sport of kayak fishing.
Adam considers himself a pretty poor writer and "crappy" photographer but still loves to share his stories and findings with the readers of YakAngler.
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adam hayes

About the Author: Adam Hayes is an avid kayak angler and the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com. He enjoys spending time on the water with his friends and family and really just about anything than involves growing the sport of kayak fishing.



# adam 2012-01-28 14:44
I would like to correct an error that I made in this article. I wrote that GreenFish is a "non-profit" company when they are in fact a "for-profit" company.

I apologize for the mistake on my part and for any misrepresentati on that I may have caused.

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