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Tuesday, 17 January 2012 01:01

New Lowrance Sonar Targets Kayak Fishermen

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There's no doubt that the Kayak Fishing scene is growing.  Now Lowrance is engraining deeper into the sport with their newest offerings - the Elite-4 series of fish finders.  Lowrance is marketting these new sonar and chartplotter units as "Perfect for Kayaks."  Its time to take a closer look at these new units.


The Elite-4 is the base model of the new series from Lowrance.  It features a 3.5" backlit LED display that should provide clear viewing, even in direct sunlight.  The Elite-4 features a dual requencey tranducer giving wide and narrow views of bottom structure all the way down to 800 feet.  The transducers also include an internal water temperature sensor to help you find that spot that's just right.


The GPS mapping comes with a detailed basemap, and the basemap can easily be upgraded with mapping chips from Fishing Hotspots® Pro, Navionics® Gold and Premium charting upgrades through a waterproof microSD card slot - features you'll find on all of the Elite-4 units with a GPS charplotter. MSRP, $299

Elite-4 Gold
If you do all your fishing along the coastal waterways, then the Elite-4 Gold includes the Navionics® Gold maps into the base Elite-4 unit.  This is essential when trying to get to those perfect fishing spots.  Navionics charts are some of the best out there MSRP $369.95

Elite-4DSIElite-4 DSI
The DSI ups the ante with Lowrances renouned DownScan Imaging™.  If you've ever wondered exactly what you were seeing on the sonar, you'll never have to question things again.  The DownScan Imaging™ gives you a near picture perfect view of the underwater world. It does come with a price, though.  DSI perfection is only good to about 200' of water.  MSRP $349.99 

Trust your handheld GPS more than the fish finder? Or do you fish small lakes, ponds and rivers and don't require GPS to get from one point to another?  The the Elite-4x is what you're looking for.  Just like the Elite-4 in sonar capabilites, the Elite-4x doesn't include the GPS chartplotter.  This leaves you with an excellent Lowrance fishfinder, sized perfectly for kayak fishing. MSRP $169.99
Elite-4x DSI
When you don't need that GPS functionality, and you absolutely have to know what is under your kayak, go with the DownScan Imaging™ hopped version for views only divers would normally see.  MSRP $199.99

It's clear, in combination with the universal scupper tranducer mount, Lowrance has come up to the plate swinging with a full line-up of electronics with the kayak fisherman in mind. Cabela's introduceds these to their website last week and, guess what, they're sold out!  Lowrances reputation for excellence is without question and, at these price points, there's no question why kayak anglers are in a fevered rush to get these units on their kayaks.

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Isaac Miller

About the Author: Isaac Miller considers himself an "equal opportunity angler" and will fish anything that will take a hook. Isaac often makes live internet video broadcasts when fishing from his kayaks, giving up-to-the-second reports on conditions and tackle choices. He also blogs at www.isaac-online.com and is a YakAngler.com Pro Staffer as well as Co-Host for Kayak Fishing Radio's Wild West show, PR Director for Recycled Fish, and co-owner of Green Tackle.


# Gordon Balcomb 2013-04-15 02:55
Condor F247 fishfinder has a freshwater/salt water selection that automatically sets all parameters according to the water type.

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