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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 01:01

A new disappearing act

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After seeing some of the recent conversations related to jigs and jigheads in the Yakangler forums I’ve been paying closer attention to articles related to them. This weekend I came across a new product and although I haven’t tried it, I think it looks pretty promising. In fact, I’m not sure why it hadn’t been thought of before.

2-part_jig_710It’s called the 2-Part Jig and it’s made by Buckeye Lures in Georgia. (Buckeye also makes the well-known Mop jig and the Spot Remover – stand up jighead).  

The new 2-Part Jig is a football jig, but then it’s not! This jig has a removable head that slides up the line when a fish is hooked.  This helps to minimize the loss of fish that sometimes occurs from throwing that big football jig.  You know the scenario.  You hook up with that big fish but as you’re reeling him in he makes a big jump, gives a couple of good shakes and throws the lure.  By using line-through technology, the 2-part jig allows the heavy weight of the football weight to break away and slide up the line away from the hookup.  This reduces the leverage (weight) the fish uses to throw that hook from its mouth.

The two sections of the jighead are meticulously machined for a smooth fit and easy release once the fish is on and comes in several fish attracting color combinations.


minimop_711It’s also worth mentioning that Buckeye Lures released two more jigs new for 2012.  

The Mini Mop has a smaller profile than the original Mop and uses regular rubber in place of heavy rubber. This will accelerate the fall of the jig and give it a smaller profile for finicky bass or spotted and smallmouth bass. The Mini Mop also uses a light wire flipping hook for better penetration with lighter tackle. It is available in different weights and patterns.

jwill_flipping_712The Buckeye J-Will Flipping Jig helps sports a super sharp, extra strong 6/0 Lazer Trokar Hook. Buckeye Lures worked long and hard with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Williamson to get every detail right. The J-Will features a unique head design that allows it to come through heavy cover. With its custom made lifelike skirt, the J-Will has what it takes to make every bite count.  Available in multiple color combinations as well as 3/8 oz, ½ oz, 3/4 oz , 1 oz, and 1 ½ oz sizes.

Buckeye Lures sports a pretty wide array of jighead shapes that can attack specific conditions and after visiting their website, I’ve discovered a few things I want learn more about.


About the Author: Pam is a Pro Staff Member at Yakangler.com, a member of the Hobie Fishing Team and Canoe Kentucky's Pro Team. She is the Director of KentuckyKayakFishing.org where their goal is to help "Yaks Give Back" to our citizens, the environment, and to promote the growth of kayak fishing in our state. Pam is also the author of ShesAManiYak.com
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Pam Funk

About the Author: A self-described kayak and fly fishing addict, compe”tent” camper, and photographer in her dreams, she found her lifetime fishing hobby was transformed into a full-blown obsession when she bought her kayak and added a fly rod.

Pam is a member of the Yakangler.com Pro Staff team, TFO Flyrods, Hobie Polarized and Columbia Sportswear Pro team. She is a member of the Kentucky Kayak Fishing Association where "Yaks Give Back". Their objectives include environmental clean up projects, working with Special Olympics and wounded veterans, and promoting the growth of kayak fishing and safety in our state.

Pam is also the author of ShesAManiYak.com and can be found on Twitter @shesaManiYak.


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