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Sat, Dec 03, 2016

Fishing Gear Reviews

Make a smart purchase with our reviews on fishing gear from kayak anglers. Reviews on fishing tackle, fishing rods, saltwater fishing reels and more.
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stradic cI4
4.4 (6)
January 15, 2010   19087   0   3   0   0
Featuring Shimano's revolutionary CI4 material technology, the Shimano "Stradic CI4" Spinning Reel delivers unrivaled strength and lightweight precision. Ultimately reinforced carbon fiber, the CI stands for "Carbon Infusion" and the 4 refers to the number of electrons in the Carbon atom. Over one and a half times stronger than Shimano's normal graphite and more than 20% lighter as well, the advanced reinforced carbon fiber is used in the Stradic CI4's Frame, Sideplate and Rotor construction.
Slayer Inc. "Sinister Swim Tail (SST)"
4.3 (5)
June 18, 2012   12819   0   8   0   0
The Slayer Inc. version of the paddletail has quickly developed a group of faithful followers. The “Sinister Swim Tail”, or “S.S.T”, features a much larger tail than most other paddletails - and this tail gives the S.S.T a tremendous amount of action in the water. All S.S.T.s are impregnated with Slayer’s scent combination, and the baits are available in a wide range of solid and laminated color options.
penn battle
3.8 (5)
June 26, 2013   12300   0   1   0   0
The Penn "Battle’s" striking cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth drag is a few of the many reasons why so many anglers fish this reel. The Battle’s full metal body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment while its Techno-Balanced™ rotor ensures a smooth retrieve. From tuna to trout, the Battle was designed to perform and engineered to last.
Ohero “Carbonado”
5.0 (1)
January 01, 2013   12184   0   3   0   0
Ohero’s newest rod series, the "Carbonado" series rods are light yet powerful, while priced at 50% less than other rods with similar specs. Weighing in at just 4.5 ounces, the Carbonado rods are perfect for kayak fishing or all day tournaments. The split handle with ergonomic EVA grip is comfortable and sensitive enough to detect even the slightest vibration. This is a great choice for any angler throwing artificial baits.
Diawa AIRD spining reel
4.3 (1)
May 18, 2013   12101   0   1   0   1
“Aird” is Daiwa’s latest most feature packed reel Daiwa has ever developed in this price range. Built on a solid corrosion resistant graphite frame and side plate, Aird uses many of our innovations like Digigear, ABS, Airbail and Twistbuster in the Aird to deliver class leading performance without breaking the bank balance. Aird is unique amongst Daiwa reels as each comes with an alternative sized spool so you can expand your fishing horizons with optional line weights.
Review: "Live Bait Mate"
4.0 (1)
June 15, 2012   11831   0   1   0   0
Since I began kayak fishing, I have looked for ways to keep my bait alive (when I fish with live bait) without breaking the bank. I didn't want to invest in a live well for a kayak, or try to build my own. I also needed something that worked for me, unlike my Frabill “Flo Troll”.
Voodoo Shrimp
4.1 (6)
December 01, 2013   10797   0   1   0   0
The "Vudu Shrimp " by Egret Baits is 3 1/2 inches long and comes pre-rigged on a 3/16 oz jig head. The New Vudu Shrimp has a Kevlar weave through the body giving it strength and durability. Outstanding under a popping or rattling cork. It also can be free lined off the bottom and trolled while paddling.
Mike Bucca’s “Bull Shad” Swimbait
1.3 (2)
December 16, 2012   10650   0   4   0   0
Mike Bucca’s "Bull Shad" Swimbaits have been designed to accurately mimic the different varieties of shad and baitfish that trophy fish crave. There is no denying the big trout-style swimbaits of the West Coast are proven to attract trophy bass, but big shad and their cousins are also major forage for large bass.
Z-Man "Scented Jerk ShadZ"
4.3 (2)
October 22, 2012   9654   0   5   0   0
Z-man soft plastic lures are extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand, and are making quite a splash in the U.S. market. The lures’ “10X ElaZtech” material makes them extremely durable. The Z-Man "Scented Jerk ShadZ" are no different. These baits are offered in a full line of styles and colors, and the impregnated scent lasts as long as the lure.
H&H Lures "Sparkle Beetle"
3.8 (1)
March 18, 2013   9579   0   5   0   0
The H&H Lure Company bills its “Sparkle Beetle” lure as a “Gulf Coast legend”. Twenty five colors in two sizes offers a wide range of choices to suit every kayak anglers target species. As a simple bait, they can be rigged a number of ways to produce under almost any conditions.
penn fierce
3.6 (2)
January 01, 2012   9181   0   2   0   1
Kayak fishermen test their gear to the fullest and the Penn "Fierce" spinning reels solid metal body keeps gears aligned even when under load, while the Fierce Spinning Reel's four stainless steel bearings, Techno-Balanced™ spool, machined-aluminum handle and Soft Touch knob together facilitate smooth, consistent retrieves.
Penn Pursuit Spinning Reel
4.4 (3)
November 18, 2013   8656   0   1   0   1
The "Pursuit" by PENN features a durable construction and smooth gear system kayak anglers have come to expect. This reel features an ultra lightweight, corrosion-resistant graphite body and dependable oiled-felt drag system making the Pursuit one of the best value for the money for saltwater anglers. Available in six sizes from 3000 to 8000 the Pursuit has the reel that best suits you. Quality and strength is built in to provide you with years of reliable service.
Aquateko’s “InvisaSwivel”
2.0 (1)
January 07, 2013   8623   0   1   0   1
Whether you're trolling a lure while kayak fishing or throwing a spoon on the flats, many baits can spin in the water. Unless you have a swivel in the mix, the resulting line twist can contribute to wind knots and other issues that interrupt your angling day. Aquateko, a company based in Ponte Verde, FL, has introduced a new take on the traditional metal swivel – the “InvisaSwivel”.
204 results - showing 1 - 13  
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