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Berley NanoFil Fishing Line Review

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Kayak anglers will appreciate the super strength and farther casting of Berkley’s “NanoFil” Uni-Filament fishing line. Unlike typical mono-filament or braded lines NanoFil is made from hundreds of Dyneema® nano filaments that are molecularly linked and woven with gel-spun polyethylene to form one fiber or uni-filament that is stronger than either mono-filament or braided fishing line. With zero memory and nearly frictionless Dyneema fibers anglers will have unparalleled distance and casting.


  • It casts farther than any other Berkley line
  • Superline strength, yet smooth as monofilament
  • Near frictionless for long-distance casting
  • Zero stretch offers superb sensitivity
  • Incredible strength-to-diameter ratio
  • Highly abrasion-resistant


  • Colors: Clear Mist
  • Pound Tests: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • Spools: 150yd, 300yd, 1500yd



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Berkley Nanofil, The Ultimate Spinning Reel Line

Berkley calls Nanofil the New Ultimate spinning reel line and it just might be. With a diameter of .008" for the 12lb test, the first thing I noticed was how thin this line is. When I purchased it I was planning on tying on a fluro leader, but it’s obvious that will not be necessary. Out on the lake, my first cast and I had to palm the spool to keep from over shooting my target and landing my lure on the shore. Nanofill really does cast far easier than mono and increases distance. If you’re not concerned with casting distance, think of if as improving efficiency when casting. You’ll use less energy casting Nanofil than you will with mono or fluro.
I have not had any problems with the line fraying or breaking. Nanofill seems to have good knot strength.
Overall, I am very happy with Berkley’s Nanofil and they just might be right. Nanofill for now at least seems like the ultimate spinning reel line.

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Waters Fished:
  • Small Creeks
  • Small Ponds
7-15 times

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Smooth and efficient casting. Small diameter
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(Updated: May 23, 2013)

Berkley Nanofil

If you have ever tried to cast out to the center of a lake from the shore, because that is where you saw some surface activity, this is the fishing line for you.

I spooled up 150 yards of 4lb test Berkley Nanofil on my Pflueger Trion GX-7 reel, using a Shakespeare light 6’6” rod as support. To the end, I tied an Eagle Claw Aberdeen extra light 6/0 hook. You have to use the Nanofil knot on the hook, which is a Double Palomer. Berkley recommends this as the only way you should tie a hook or swivel to the line. On the line I placed a 6” ¾” oval Bass Pro Balsa wood float, and a BB sized removable split shot weight. A medium live shiner minnow went on the hook and I was ready to cast.

The winds were steady at 5-10 mph and gusting to 20-30 mph on day 3 of this review. The first two days there was very little wind at all. This third day is what I was waiting for before the review was written.

With the first cast I was out in the water approximately 30 feet, on a simple forearm cast. I actually had to reel some back in as I had overshot my target by about ten feet. I continue to cast this line a bit further than my target, which is about five feet past where I actually want my bait to hang. My style of fishing with a float and hook is always to overshoot and reel it back in to the spot that I want. This line is perfect for that. I adjusted my cast down to a simple wrist bend and I still had to practice more to get it just right.
On the second and third days I used the same set up. The second day the shiners were still medium but a bit larger than usual and I had my casting down pretty much by then. The third day was the wind factor though and I thought that this was it, this was the test that would cause me to write a bad review and tell you that this is just like any other line on the market. I was wrong. Adjusting my cast to compensate for the times the wind was in my face was not really necessary as my bait and floater took off as normal and over shot my target quite a bit. I again adjusted back down to a normal cast.

Now with the wind being as heavy as it was the line was not staying very tight and blew around like a thick string of spider web that was broken from its moorings. It did move the float around in the water but was not making me unhappy that it did. It just gave better presentation to the fish in my opinion moving as much as it did.

I though about how much weight was on this line and decided to experiment a bit. I took the split shot off and cast a couple of times. Without any problems, the float and bait landed just as far as it had before with a bend at the wrist, no forearm or shoulder movement needed. The float laid sideways in the water though so I re-attached the split shot to make it easier on myself.

I didn’t catch anything of weight on it so I cannot give a specific on the durability other than the one snag I had on a submerged tree. Using my normal method of wrapping the line around my and giving a steady pull I was able to recover all tackle completely and the line did not break. I have seen other reviews that stated there is no abrasion coating on it and if it rubs anything you should retie or it will break. This did not happen in my case and I saw no fraying of the line near the hook.

I cannot begin to express how happy I am with this line. It out casts anything I have ever used in the past. I put it to the test time after time with the wind, against the wind, and with zero wind and it performed just as the Berkley rep at Bass Pro Shops said it would.
Berkley recommends this line for Spinning reels because they claim that it has less line twist than any other line on the market. I did catch one spool twist in the three days of testing but I believe it had more to do with the way I was reeling it in than with the line itself.

This line retails for $20 for the 150 yard spool. I plan on getting some 14-17 lb test and going at the bigger catches with it and continuing from there. Happy fishing and Hook em hard!

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