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Review:  Snap Shot Ruler

Back in July I received the Snap Shot Ruler from YakAngler to use and do a review on. When I first opened the package I could tell it was a well made quality product. The plastic on the ends feels heavy and durable and the vinyl tape is thick and strong. I could tell immediately durability would not be a problem. When I took it out fishing it worked exactly as they said it would. When you catch a fish and get it on your grips you clip the Snap Shot Ruler on to your grips and let it unroll and take your pictures.


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With Snap Shot Ruler being a well made product that does exactly what it claims it does, it is better than a lot of stuff on the market. However, I did not like using it, so to be fair to our readers here are the reasons why.

First, it only works with the metal “Boga” style grips. Now maybe it’s because I only have the cheap knock off grips, or “Fogas” (Fake Boga), but I prefer the plastic Norton Fish Grips and the Snap Shot Ruler does not fit on them. Next, I found the 40” inch length too long for what I would use it for. I don’t like hanging big fish unless I am going to keep them, and while I do keep a fish now and then, I don’t keep them that often. For a good article on this subject check out Bill Howard’s article Conservation Can Be Hard.


I would recommend a 24” length, besides when you’re sitting in a kayak it’s hard to hang up anything longer than 30” anyway. When I first tried to photograph this pike I tried to lay the fish across my lap with the tape underneath but the fish would not stay still long enough to get a picture and an accurate measurement. Then I set the tape on top of the fish it was then I realized that the tape is only marked on one side, so I finally lifted it up and snapped the shot. The other issue I have on length, if I could make it work with the fish across my lap is it is only 40” long and up in my neck of the woods 40”-45” stripers are caught regularly with lots fish up in the 45”-50” being caught from yaks as well.

With that being said I have some suggestions on how to make a good product even better. Print both sides of the tape, then have tapes available in multiple lengths or better yet, sell 1 product that comes in a long length that you can cut to your desired length and then attach the end to it. With these changes I think the Snap Shot Ruler would fit my style of fishing better.

In summery if you think the Snap Shot Ruler fits your style of fishing I would recommend it. It is well made, works as advertised, and is reasonably priced.


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