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Angling Technologies "Mobile App"

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Angling Technologies
Mobile App
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Angling Technologies "Mobile App" allows fishermen to access an online interactive map right from their mobile device. Kayak anglers can research lake depths, structure, feeder streams and more. Update detailed information to your map right from the water.




  • Enhance your trip planning
  • Add detailed content to the map real-time
  • Full control over how you view and use the map
  • Over 7,000 fresh and salt water bodies covered!


  • Works on all current desktop browsers
  • Android and iOS app available



angling technologies

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4.0  (1)
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Angling Technologies Mobile App

I have had this software for well over a month. I wanted to get a good review of the product within a couple weeks but as I kept going through the features I found more and more and more options and things that this program offers.

Let me start off with my favorite parts of this program. The measure tool is fantastic! To be able to run along a creek or river and measure out your distance from a start to finish point is just superb. It will allow me to plan out a river fishing trip and see where my drop in and take out points are on the detailed map.
Second is the weather report. With the options of wind, moon phase, Visibility, Current Temp, Wind Chill, Heat Index, Feels Like, Precipitation, Barometric Pressure, and several others, the decision to go out on the water is never questionable.

The multiple choices available of different maps such as Google and Bing is key to have choice of your favorite maps and not subject you to having to use something you're not familiar with. The options to add or hide different markers such as launch points, managed lands, depth contours and profiles, and structures will help with ocean fishing as well as freshwater lakes. These are premium features to the program. Latitude and longitude are always visible on the main map screen and are very welcome to those with GPS fishfinders to lock in coordinates on a spot that you're planning on hitting.

The free features include mostly what I see as saltwater options. These include, coastal depths, winds, structures and surroundings, pipelines, Ocean Currents and topographical maps. As I'm an inlander I didn't use these features in my testing because I don't know much about those things so I couldn't determine how detailed or accurate they were.

The search function gives options that I have not seen before in any other application. Being able to search by address is a constant, but putting a search for bodies of water by type, and cities or landmarks are great features that I admire being a part of this thing.

The price is right at $15 and you definitely get your moneys worth for that price and then some.

I found that the select button did nothing, or at least I wasn't aware of how to use it properly. Every time I clicked on it nothing happened.

I took a bit of extra time to look at this program because unfortunately I was never able to get it to work on my phone. I do not believe that this is because of the program itself. I believe that my phone in particular has some issues as it is refurbished and does not run any program properly. Not even text messaging or a simple task like redial works properly on my phone. I apologize for not being able to give a report from it as well.

For planning out a trip this program is phenomenal. It will help any angler with prefishing information and guiding you to a spot where you would love to be or have heard a lot about. I searched a few of the spots that have been featured on the FLW tour maps during the tour and on the TV program and it was very informative!

Being able to mark what fish you caught, where, there time of day, the season, and other detailed info will help you track out patterns of the fish you're hunting for.

I do not like the fact that you can only choose one species for a particular spot when you're logging information though. In order to report multiple species you must go back and start all over for the same spot and rerecord all of the info previously logged then choose a different species. It would be helpful if they would upgrade the system to allow multiple species for one location.

If you can buy this program and get it to work on your phone you will be golden in your future endeavors of fishing.

I highly recommend people to at least try out this program and see what it does or doesn't do for you. $15 dollars is a great price in my opinion to have a tracker for where and what you catch.

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Waters Fished:
  • Large Rivers
  • Small Creeks
  • Large Lakes
  • Small Ponds
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
  • Offshore
16-30 times

Pros & Cons

Too many to list
Some functions do not allow multiple entries for the same location.
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