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Lowrance "Mark-4" Fishfinder/Chartplotter

Lowrance "Mark-4" Fishfinder/Chartplotter Hot

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Lowrance Mark-4 Fishfinder & Chartplotter

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The Lowrance "Mark-4" fishfinder/chartplotter harnesses innovative sonar technology to simplify charting courses and tracking fish in your kayak. Even beginner kayak anglers will look and feel like an expert with the Mark-4’s bright LED backlit 3.5” screen, easy-to-use menu, and simple navigation controls. The waterproof unit has a GPS antenna and can store up to 3,000 waypoints and 100 routes to your favorite fishing and kayaking locations. The Mark-4 is compact, split screen capable, and compatible with a microSD card. Never lose your way on the water again by engaging the exclusive TrackBack feature for reverse navigation. The Lowrance Mark-4 offers a remote mounting system that swivels and mounts easily to your kayak.


  • New, brighter LED backlighting
  • Exclusive TrackBack™ feature
  • Best-in-class Lowrance Fishfinding technology
  • Easy-to-use menu page and menu controls
  • Simplified menu navigation
  • Quick-release tilt and swivel bracket
  • Accurate internal GPS antenna
  • MicroSD cardslot for high-detail mapping options


    Display Resolution 320x240 (H x W)
    Sonar Frequency 83/200 kHz
    Sonar Output Power Max 262 W
    Sonar Depth Max 200 ft \ 61 m
    NMEA Output 0183
    Housing ABS molding
    Waterproof Standard IPx7
    Power Supply 12 vDC
    Input Voltage 10-17 V 



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3.0  (2)
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MANY errors in the charts

I was very impressed with the price/features ratio when I tried it out in West Marine store. Luckily, I didn't install it before spending some time with it at home. I immediately discovered MANY errors in the charts - an indicated 71 feet of water where it's only 9 feet deep, an indicated 34' of water where the water is barely a foot deep and so on. It also misplaced a public landing by miles to the westward, and, most significantly, placed two buoys hundreds of yards eastward (and inland!). Lowrance rep claims to have heard nothing about these errors. I returned it the same day and picked up a Humminbird 386ci.

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  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
  • Offshore
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Lowrance Mark-4 Review

The Lowrance Mark-4 was my second fishfinder purchase for kayak fishing. I had used a basic sonar unit the first time around, and it did the job well, but I wanted to incorporate a GPS into the mix as well. Rather than get a separate GPS and have to fool with mounting it, etc - I chose to get the Lowrance Mark-4 since it incorporates the GPS into the unit.

First Impressions:

I was pretty excited to use this fishfinder, since it had the GPS integrated into the unit. The install went well - the stock bag of screws and bolts/nuts were used in mounting this unit to my kayak. Setup was easy - the first power-up asks you some setup questions and you are ready to roll.

The button layout on the front is relatively simple - it will interface the menus pretty easy. The only thing I really messed-with is zooming in on the GPS map, and setting waypoints. I didn't do a lot of offshore with this unit, so I didn't get to program any kinds of coordinates into it. I liked being able to see my track on the map, and being able to back-track along the same path. This came in handy when I was moving along and noticed shallow areas that could have given me problems on the return trip to the launch. I could also mark spots where I was catching fish too.

The Mark-4 has a grayscale screen - it isn't too hard on the eyes. I usually keep it in split-screen mode (map and sonar on the screen at the same time) but it also has the full-map page, sonar page, and a compass/heading page along with the dual-view mode.

The Mark-4 has a slot on the bottom of the unit, covered with a rubber flap, that is for a micro-SD card. You could put a Navionics chip inside the unit and have even better maps to use. Although the Navionics maps are pretty sweet, the base maps included with the Mark-4 aren't too shabby.

The power cord and transducer share a plug going into the unit. There is another port plug in the back of the unit that is unused for a basic setup - you might want to dab a bit of silicone to cover that socket up - the leads will corrode over time - especially with use in saltwater.

Ram makes a adapter for the Lowrance units that fits the head-unit to a 1" Ram ball, which you can put on various Ram mounting products. I use a system like this to put it on my Hobie Outback.


One thing I didn't like about the Mark-4 is the little rubber flap on the bottom, that covers the micro-SD port. That little flap loves to pop-open, and sometimes it will fall off. This cannot bode well for the unit if the cover comes off and it takes a bath in saltwater. I wish Lowrance would improve this for future updates.

The Mark-4's power cord didn't include a inline fuse. Seems like this should be standard equipment for all fishfinders straight from the factory. Make sure you add one just in case something shorts-out.

In Conclusion:

The Lowrance Mark-4 is a nice little fishfinder/GPS combo, and the least-expensive GPS fishfinder I could find on the market. The small screen handles the map and sonar split-screen sufficiently, especially if you'll be in a close-range viewing situation - like a fishing kayak or small boat. If you don't mind the grayscale - then this is your unit. If you want color - pluck out the extra dough for the Mark-4's color cousin: The Elite-4.

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