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Secur Products “Four-in-One Light & Power Bank”

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Secur Products “Four-in-One Light & Power Bank”

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Secur Products
Four-in-One Light & Power Bank
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The Secur Products “Four-in-One Light & Power Bank” is a 6,000 mAh rechargeable system with long-lasting LED flashlight, lantern, and emergency flasher features. It will also charge your smartphone when you’re away from utility power.



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Light in the dark, plus a charge!

Time was, “getting away” meant leaving all the conveniences and technology of home behind and communing with your inner Thoreau. Not so much these days, it seems. Our smartphone tethers to civilization seem to stretch as cell and data coverage improves, and we rely more and more on a plethora of apps and services to get through the day.

Two things happen when you get away from the power lines. First, it gets dark - in most places, every day. Second, even the best smartphone batteries won’t last much more than a day or so, less in areas of weaker signal coverage. The Secur Products “Four-in-One Light & Power Bank” is a 6,000 mAh rechargeable system with long-lasting LED flashlight, lantern, and emergency flasher features. It will also charge your smartphone when you’re away from utility power.

The light functions are very versatile! In one position, the 100-lumen LED light output is focused through a lens to work as a flashlight. Slide the cover, and it becomes a mini-lantern more than adequate to see the picnic table, or to light up the inside of the tent when hung from the included carabiner. On a recent camping trip, a friend reported the Power Bank was the tent light for a full week of camping, and still had enough juice left at the end of the stay to jump-start her iPhone 4. The red flashing light isn’t blindingly bright, but it would serve well. The magnetized base allows the Power Bank to be stuck on a stationary car or other metal surface for use as a work or warning light.

Smartphone making that ominous “low battery” sound? No worries! Plug the included cable into the Power Bank, and get up to two charges for your iPhone or Android device (less if the unit isn't fully charged, but almost always enough for an emergency call or two.) Its 2 amp output is not quite enough to charge my Samsung “Galaxy Note 10.1” tablet without activating the little “use a better charger” nag screen, but it works.

The Power Bank charges from your standard micro-USB wall charger. You can charge it from a computer, but older USB ports generally don’t supply a lot of current and it’ll take extra time to bring up the high-capacity battery.

In addition to the camping-type uses, I am a big fan of the Power Bank as part of my EDC pack loadout. It covers several needs in a compact package that fits easily into a small pocket or pouch. It’s billed as rainproof, so while I wouldn't dunk it I wouldn't be afraid to use it in damp conditions.

At a suggested retail of $44.99, the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank is comparable in cost to other higher-capacity portable charging systems, but with far superior added lighting functionality. From where I sit, this is a well-made, must-have piece of kit for camping or everyday use. It will also make a great Father’s Day present!

For more information, check out www.securproducts.com.

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Waters Fished:
  • Small Ponds
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
16-30 times

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High-capacity battery; multiple LED lighting features
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