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EcoFused "Waterproof iPhone Case"

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EcoFused "Waterproof iPhone Case"

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Waterproof iPhone Case
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The EcoFused "Waterproof iPhone Case" offers kayaking and fishing enthusiasts the perfect solution to the constant worry of dropping their cell phone, camera, iPod, or any other cell phone-sized electronic device in the water. The EcoFused case is designed for use with an iPhone, but can house other devices that are 3.5” wide and 5.5” high or smaller. The case is fully functional with an iPhone, offering clear front and back access to make it so you can use all of your cell phone’s features while it is in the case and completely protected. The EcoFused waterproof case comes with an EcoFused cleaning cloth .



  • Transparent on both sides
  • 100% waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof, and dustproof
  • ECO-FUSED® micro fiber cleaning cloth


  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S2
  • iPhone 5/4G/3G/3GS
  • iPod


Case with my bulky phone in it.

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Watertight phone case

Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do when I'm in the kayak. Whether I am snapping shots of my latest catch, a beautiful spot on the water, or nature in general, I rarely ever go without my camera in reach. Although I like to take pictures I don't have camera specifically for my adventures; I use my phone, but I was constantly worried about dropping it in the water and never seeing it again.

I used to carry the phone in a Ziploc® bag, and took it out for phone calls or pictures. Because I take so many pictures, I wanted something clear. I researched many different cases, and found the Eco-Fused® waterproof case that holds a phone, iPod, or anything cellphone sized or smaller. The case has a white border with a clear center. It also lets me control my touch screen through the case. It also floats, which makes it the perfect case for me.

After getting it in the mail, I opened the package and saw that it contained the case, a cleaning cloth, a lanyard, and a stylus to make it easier to use my touchscreen when the case is on. I was a little nervous about using my phone to test it, and decided to use an old phone instead. I put the phone in the case, filled up the sink, and threw it in. It floated and kept the water out. I even submerged and held it under a couple times to see if the water would seep in.

When I took the phone out, I noticed that there was a little bit of dampness inside. I figured that if I flip over or my phone dropped in the water it wouldn't be in there that long and the dampness wouldn't be too bad. But just in case, I bought some of the desiccant packs to make sure the phone stays nice and dry.

This case is perfect for me and for kayakers who like to bring their phones out on the water for pictures or calls. It eliminates worry about dropping the phone and losing it to Davy Jones’ Locker. Although it doesn't have a spot to plug in your headphones, I believe there is an Eco-Fused® case with a headphone jack. If you bring your phone out on the water and like having it by you, check out the Eco-Fused® waterproof case!

Case with my bulky phone in it.
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