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Sat, Apr 30, 2016

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Thanks for checking out the Ultimate Kayak Fishing Resource! Here you'll find easy access to all our kayak fishing articles. Comment on the blog, see how to rig your fishing kayak, or check out kayak fishing reports. Jump in, participate, and learn!

Keep up with the latest news in the kayak fishing industry. Breaking stories, kayak fishing tournament results, new product profiles, special kayaking and fishing related events and more!


Putting gear through its paces is something we love to do. Find out how the latest fishing kayaks fared in our staff reviews, or check out some of the many user submitted product reviews.


How to articles are not just for someone new to the sport of kayak fishing. Why make a mistake learn from ours. Learn how to rig an anchor trolley, paddle your kayak, install a fish finder and much more!


Find out how the fishing is in your area, our professional kayak anglers provide regular reports from all over the US. Learn from some of the top kayak fishermen in the industry!


Keep up with last night’s Kayak Fishing Radio broadcasts with regular recaps from the KFR hosts. Find out site specific news or random thoughts from us in the Staff Blog.


Find out what the new trends in clothing and lures are in the kayak fishing industry. Keep up with the latest in fishing, paddling, and electronics with regular product profiles.