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Sun, Dec 11, 2016

Clothing Reviews

User reviews of the top fishing apparel and paddling apparel on the market. Fishing and Canoe / kayak clothing reviews from companies like NRS, Columbia, AFTCO, SIMMS, Stohlquist, Bomber Gear and more!
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Tailin' Toads Fingerless Gloves
5.0 (4)
December 11, 2012   18607   1   6   0   0
Made in the U.S.A., Tailin’ Toads gloves end where your fingers start. They provide sun protection for your wrists and the back of your hands, while leaving your fingers and thumbs free for increased comfort and dexterity while tying knots or performing other fine tasks on the water.    
original buff
4.3 (8)
August 11, 2011   15993   0   3   0   0
Simply the most versatile and effective article of technical clothing you'll ever own. Original Buff® headwear keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Made from seamless 100% microfiber, the breathable fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly too. No matter how you wear it, Buff® headwear is THE must-pack accessory of the outdoors.
kokatat bahi tour main
5.0 (4)
December 11, 2012   14384   0   7   0   0
The Kokatat “Bahia Tour” personal flotation device (PFD) features a lightweight nylon shell and is designed for enhanced freedom of movement while paddling and fishing. It incorporates both zippered and clipped pockets for ample storage, and has both front-panel and over-the-shoulder knife tabs.    
MTI Solaris F Spec PFD
0.0 (0)
September 28, 2010   12675   0   4   0   0
The MTI “Solaris F-Spec” is a Type III personal floatation device specifically designed for fishing. The Fishing Bridge and Fishing Bay features provide storage for tools and tackle. Seven adjustment points allow the wearer to custom fit the PFD to almost any size frame.
Columbia PFG Clothing
4.6 (7)
May 28, 2012   12475   0   2   0   0
Columbia’s “Performance Fishing Gear” (PFG) lines of technical clothing offer lightweight shirts and pants SPF rated to protect you from the sun in comfort and style. Quick-drying fabrics and stylish colors give PFG good looks on and off the water.    
breathe like a fish
5.0 (5)
December 18, 2012   12094   0   5   0   1
Lots of technical clothing are designed to wick sweat and protect you from the sun. Breathe Like A Fish takes comfort on the water a step further. Mesh panels under the arms and down the sides provide ventilation every time you move or the breeze blows. These ‘Made in the U.S.A’ shirts are SPF rated, and sweat or spray dries quickly.    
nrs chinook pfd
5.0 (12)
November 08, 2013   12082   0   4   0   0
The NRS "Chinook" Kayak Fishing Life Jacket - PFD has pockets stacked on pockets for almost unlimited storage. The roomy, front entry design with 8 adjustment points lets you customize the fit for comfort and security. The ventilated back panel is slimmed down low for greater comfort in kayaks with high seatbacks. Other features include rod holder loops, a coiled retractable tool clip to keep clip on line snips or other tools handy, a fly drying patch, and multiple D-rings and attachment loops. Check Fit Guide tab for proper sizing. 200-denier urethane coated ripstop nylon.
Patagonia’s “Gunnison Gorge” Wading Pants
0.0 (0)
June 05, 2012   11310   0   3   0   0
In cooler weather or colder water, there are times when fishing pants aren’t enough and a dry suit is overkill. Patagonia’s “Gunnison Gorge” wading pants fill the gap nicely. Made from Patagonia’s advanced “Hydrostorm” fabric, the anatomically curved knees and Y-crotch design make for dry, all-day comfort whether you’re wading, paddling, or alternating between the two. Neoprene booties keep your feet warm and dry.    
Stohlquist Fisherman PFD
4.7 (7)
December 02, 2013   11013   0   7   0   0
Ready and loaded, this new kayak fishing life vest is the ideal PFD for the sit-on-top paddler. Comfort and water safety with all the necessities, close at hand. Put to work, while you play, the Stohlquist "Fisherman" high back life jacket - PFD provides excellent cockpit management with places for the little things that could end up in your seat, or overboard. Ready to load...new features include an array of pockets with anchor-points, front zip entry closure, padded neoprene shoulders, plus new ultra-soft and environmentally friendly Gaia flotation foam.
0.0 (0)
November 30, 2010   10738   0   1   0   0
White River Fly Shop chest waders offer breathable performance at a mid-level price point. They feature integral neoprene booties. gravel cuffs, and reinforcing fabric in the common high-wear areas (knee and seat). Side straps replace the traditional wading belt.    
KMD Sport
2.0 (1)
July 27, 2011   10596   0   3   0   0
Minimalist footwear has become popular in many sports, including kayak angling. Vibram’s Five Fingers "KMD Sport" offer a rubber sole and stretch mesh upper that protect your feet while offering almost as much flexibility and natural comfort as bare feet. Other models are available with neoprene uppers and different sole designs.    
Sperry “Ebb Tide Low Water” Shoes
4.0 (1)
April 03, 2012   9070   0   3   0   0
Sperry’s “Ebb Tide” water shoes offer a comfortable and more durable alternative to cheaper shoes for kayak fishermen. A Velcro strap cinches the neoprene upper for a snug fit, and the rubber sole extends up the edges of the shoe for enhanced comfort and traction.    
Columbia “Omni-Freeze Zero”
4.5 (2)
February 05, 2013   8848   0   3   0   0
Columbia is well known for their fishing apparel. Their new “Omni-Freeze ZERO” line of shirts concentrate a cooling agent close to your skin, and use your perspiration to lower the temperature of the fabric. The wicking material will keep you feeling cooler and dryer on those warm days in the kayak. The ZERO cooling technology is also available in other Columbia shirt styles.    
93 results - showing 1 - 13  
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