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I’ve been using the Mythic Gear Enki Relief drysuit for a year and can report excellent results. This is a one-piece, front-entry drysuit made for general-purpose watersports. At $349, it’s the lowest-priced drysuit with a relief zipper in America, so you can’t expect it to have all the fancy features of a $1,000 suit. But it does exactly what a drysuit is supposed to do: it keeps you dry and warm.
The entry zipper is pretty long, making it easy to get in and out. The metal zipper is stiff, and it takes a strong, steady pull, but I’ve found that running some beeswax along the teeth makes it easier. It has built-in drysocks, not ankle gaskets, so you can wear warm socks under them. You have to wear some kind of footgear over the drysocks to protect the bottoms. The gaskets at the neck and wrists are tapered and they have rings molded into them, so you can trim them to fit if they’re too tight.
The fabric is completely waterproof. If you fall in, you simply do not get wet. You can also wade in it and your feet stay dry and warm. This is huge. The longer you stay dry and comfortable, the longer you can keep fishing, especially in cold weather.
The fabric is also breathable, so sweat evaporates through the suit, keeping you dry from the inside too. It’s not Gore-Tex, but it works the same way.
There’s enough room inside my suit for a couple layers of insulation. With a PFD on the outside, I stay pretty warm in most conditions. In really cold weather I put on a coat over the suit.
The relief zipper is the same kind as the entry zipper –completely waterproof but stiff to operate. It’s a nice feature that saves you from having to take off the top half of the drysuit when you need to go.
That’s the only “extra” on this suit. Otherwise, it’s really basic – no extra layers of fabric on the butt or elbows, no pockets, and it’s all one color. (Mine is dark blue. The new ones are yellow, which is better for visibility.) Mythic Gear is making the most affordable drysuit, not the fanciest. If you’re looking for the safety and warmth of a drysuit and don’t want to spend as much on it as a good fishing kayak, this is the way to go.


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Mythic Gear Drysuits Great and affordable

I am very pleased.

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Waters Fished:
  • Large Rivers
  • Small Creeks
  • Small Ponds
16-30 times

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cost, safety
Gasket takes some getting use to
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