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Angel Cola
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Men's Outdoor Hiking and Climbing Softshell or Midweight Pants

94% Nylon 6% Spandex

Abrasion and Wind Resistant / 4-Way Comfort Stretch / Elastic Waistband / Quick Dry / Water Resistant

Choices of Cargo or Zippered Pockets and Soft Shell or Midweight

Machine Washable / Separatory Wash



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(Updated: November 30, 2015)

Most Comfortable Pants I've Ever Put On

I've been searching for the perfect kayak angling pants for a while now. There are a lot of good options out there and I've been given several good suggestion by the helpful people on this forum. Nothing seemed to quite meet all of my requirements though. They wouldn't seem durable enough, or they'd be too heavy, or the cut would be too roomy, etc.

I felt like I knew exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn't find it out there anywhere. Then I ran across these Angel Cola Hiking and climbing pants on Amazon. I'm leery of buying clothes off of Amazon and even more so when I know they come from China, but the reviews were mostly solid and they were only $40 so I rolled the dice.


They're form fitting sort of like good jeans but they have some spandex in the blend so they're stretchy and they're not restrictive at all. They're super lightweight, breathable, quick-drying and water resistant. The first day I wore them on the water for 8 hrs in the hot sun. They were more comfortable than shorts because my legs weren't baking. I made it a point to traipse through a bunch of tall weeds with sticker bushes, I was afraid that I would have snags in the pants from them. Nope. Not one. I've had them knee-deep in the mud and just put my legs in the water to clean the mud off and they dried right up. Really, what I like the best is the way they fit; the fact that they're not at all baggy but they're probably the most comfortable pair of pants I've ever put on. You can squat, bend, contort, whatever, and they don't bind in the slightest.

I prefer to buy American whenever I can, but in this case I was just happy to find what I was looking for regardless of where they came from. There are a couple of different styles with pocket and material weight variations. I got the softshell variety with the more streamlined pockets (PM5101) but I'll be picking up a pair of the midweight versions too for the fall.

Some Amazon reviewers complained of issues with the seams. Mine are fine but if I experience this later I'll update my review.

At the time of this post the actual company website was down for maintenance so I'm linking to them on Amazon.

If you're in the market for some tech pants you might give these some serious consideration.

I put these things through the paces all summer long and they held up great. They're a little stained now but they've been far more durable than I expected them to be. There has been a bit of the seam coming apart in the upper/inner thigh area that some of the Amazon reviewers mentions but it's very minimal and more importantly, it's only a cosmetic seam. The actual functional seam is on the inside of the leg and that has shown no signs of coming apart. The only additional comment that I would make is that they look like they fit tighter than they do, which can give your fishing buddies ammunition for some smack-talking, if you have those kind of fishing buddies. Like I do. "Kayak Hipster" and "Rockstar Pants" both come to mind as titles I have been tagged with while wearing these. I don't care. These are still the greatest pair of pants I've ever purchased.

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Pros & Cons

Very Comfortable. Lightweight. Water Resistant.
A couple of Amazon reviewers complained of some small seam issues. I haven't seen this but I haven't had them long
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