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Sun, Mar 29, 2015

The only kayak fishing specific awards!

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Kayak Anglers Choice Awards (KACA) is a joint venture between YakAngler.com and KayakFishingRadio.com. Each year kayak anglers from across the globe nominate and vote for their favorites in various categories like Kayak Angler of the year, Kayak of the year, and more. The KACA are the only kayak fishing specific awards driven solely by kayak anglers.

Votes for the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards will be taken for 3 weeks/rounds. Round 1 the top 50% of vote-getters in each category will advance to the next round, with the exception of the "Angler" category, the top fifty will advance to Round 2. The top 5 in each category will advance into the final round, Round 3. KACA polls will only be active during the voting and nominations phases.

This award consists only of the said Title and the admiration and respect of your fellow Kayak Anglers. There is no money or other considerations involved. This award is not intended as an offer of sponsorship or employment by KayakFishingRadio or YakAngler.com and there is no responsibility or obligation on your part to either entity or them to you. You will own the bragging rights to the Title until the following year's Choice Awards.

For questions regarding the KACA see the FAQ below or contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Current KACA categories:

  • Kayak Angler” of the year
  • Kayak” of the year
  • Kayak Paddle” of the year
  • Kayak Angler Forum” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Journal/Magazine” of the year
  • Most Innovative Kayak Angling/Fishing Product (non kayak)” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Retailer/Outfitter/Bait Shop” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Location” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Online Video” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Blog/Blogger” of the year


2014 KACA Winners

2013 KACA Winners

2012 KACA Winners

2011 KACA Winners


KACA Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is eligible to be nominated/win the KACA?

Answer: Sponsors or Supporters of KayakFishingRadio or YakAngler.com ARE eligible to be nominated, compete for awards and cast votes, however, Sponsorship/Support is not required nor deemed beneficial to receiving an award. Membership or affiliation with ANY organization is not required to be eligible to nominate or be nominated for an award, however, all nominees will be notified and interviewed to determine eligibility and acceptance of the nomination.


Question: When does voting end?

Answer: The polls for the voting phase of the awards are open from Monday at 12am EST to Sunday at 6:30pm EST for each round of voting.


Question: There are too many people or products I like. How can I choose?

Answer: The new format for the KACA's is a 3 round elimination system. Each week fewer and fewer nominees will move on to the next round. This should solve the issue of voter dilution.


Question: What if you left off a category that should be added?

Answer: If you have a category you think we should add to the KACA please use the final question in the nominations poll to give us your category name and justification.


Question: How are nominees chosen?


  • Angler - all nominations are included
  • Kayak - every kayak with more than three nominations are included
  • Paddle - all nominations are included
  • Forum - all forums with more than on nomination are included
  • Magazine - every print or digital magazine nomination is included
  • New Product - nominated products released in the awards year are included
  • Retailer - every retailer with more than one nominations is included
  • Location - all nominations are included
  • Video - nominated videos released in the awards year are included
  • Blog - nominated blogs with at lease nine posts through September are included


Question: Are these awards sponsored?

Answer: No there are no sponsors for the KACA, all costs are paid by YakAngler.com and KayakFishingRadio.com. We want these awards to be truly unbiased and allowing sponsors would undermine this.


Question: Why isn't YakAngler.com or KayakFishingRadio.com an option to vote for?

Answer: To keep these awards truly unbiased we decided to not allow either of our sites to be entered into the awards. This also is true for the site owners Mark Watanabe, Adam Hayes, and Chip Gibson.


Question: How are you going to stop cheaters?

Answer: We can't go into specifics on what we have don't to mitigate cheating but rest assured cheaters will be caught an all votes cast by them will be thrown out.


Question: These awards are rigged nothing from the West Coast is represented!

Answer: We have no control who is nominated and ultimately voted as the winner. Everything is decided by the community, if you feel you, your forum, or kayak should be in the mix then nominate them and spread the word. Just like in politics if you don't vote you can't complain.