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Bison "Airlighter" fire starting accessory

Bison "Airlighter" fire starting accessory Hot

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Bison "Airlighter" fire starting accessory

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The Bison “Airlighter” is a rechargeable butane-powered torch and high-velocity air blower designed to quickly ignite and “heat up” your wood or charcoal fire, without fluids.



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I can make a fire - and the Airlighter helps!

I’m a self-confessed and unrepentant gadget guy, but I know how to build a fire. A good fire, from scratch - scout-worthy, even. I was a little doubtful when I unpacked the Bison “Airlighter” fire-starting accessory - “I don’t need this!” I was wrong.

The Airlighter has two superpowers. First, the refillable butane reservoir powers a four-inch 2,600℉ flame that is hot enough to quickly light your charcoal or wood (even damp) fire without the need for smelly, and potentially dangerous, lighter fluid. Right behind the flame is the powerful cool-air fan that switches on to quickly spread flames through your fuel. Add a battery that recharges from a USB connector at home or in the car, and these elements combine to make the Airlighter a very useful tool for the camper and backyard griller alike.

I love cooking with charcoal but hate the taste of lighter fluid, so I switched years ago to a propane grill. With the Airlighter, even a kettle-full of briquettes is coloring up in minutes and ready to cook in far less time - all without that lighter fluid aftertaste I used to get even after everything should have burned off. I also tried the Airlighter several dozen late winter evenings on piles of wood in our backyard chiminea. A flick of the flame, a minute or so with the fan, and the fire was crackling away without the need for kindling, newspaper, or other starting material.

While it seems a little bit big for backpack camping, the Airlighter is perfect for backyard use or that car or kayak/canoe camping trip. I loaned the unit to a friend for a week-long venture. The report back was the Airlighter functioned flawlessly for six days, lighting a fire each night, on a single charge and a single butane refill.

It’s true that the Airlighter’s $79.95 retail will buy you a lot of stick matches. However, the ease and convenience this accessory brings to charcoal grilling and campfires makes it a worthy addition to your kit - especially with Father’s Day right around the corner! For more information, check out www.airlighter.com.

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Waters Fished:
  • Small Ponds
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
16-30 times

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Easy to use, rechargable
Little too big for backpack camping
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