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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 09:33

The Big One Got Away

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I attended my third fishing derby of the year this past weekend at a Lake Gregory in the San Bernardino mountains of southern California. I had never heard of this lake until just a month ago when I happened to come across a flier online about a fishing derby so I did a little research and after noticing it was a small lake and the only motorboats allowed were electric motors I decided to signup.

Lake Gregory is a small lake isolated in the mountains about 75 miles east of Los Angeles and is a hidden gem. Most people know more about the other three lakes surrounding it such as Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead and Silverwood Lake. The lake is a great getaway from the busy city life and is surrounded by natural beauty of tall cypress trees and cabins and homes overlooking the lake.

I launched my yak on the lake around 8am and dropped a shad rapala off the left side and a rooster tail lure off the right. I trolled the lake for the next two hours until it happened! While trolling the middle of the lake my rapala rod bent down with the tip nearly hitting the water and my yak took a sudden turn to port. I immidiately grabbed the rod and pulled back hard and felt something tugging on the line and hard. I slowly began reeling and the line was being pulled and turned me completely in a 180 degrees and I found myself being dragged across the lake. After a couple minutes of fighting the pull on the other end stopped and I reeled in the line with nothing on it. The battle which lasted about two minutes felt more like 15 minutes or so.

I was quite upset after losing whatever hit my line and I knew it was big because it actually turned my yak around and pulled me a good ways across the water in the short lived fight. I quickly cast my line back in the water and began working it in the area in hopes of catching him again but nothing happened and I finally had to give in and call it a defeat after spending the next thiry minutes attempting to catch him.

This was the only bite I had for the first four hours on the water but I finally found a hot spot in a cove on the northeast end of the lake. I dropped anchor about 100 yards off shore and dropped a line with chartreuse powerbait on one side and cast my rapala on the other. My first cast with the rapala caught a small 13" rainbow trout and after getting him on the stringer my powerbait pole took a hit and I caught another small rainbow. After an hour and a half in this location I was able to pull in 7 rainbow trouts ranging from 13" to 16". I was happy to catch a good number of fish but it still bothered me that the one big one got away.  

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My name is Josh Madison, I grew up in western KY and spent most of my childhood fishing surrounding lakes, rivers and ponds. I took about twenty years off from fishing while serving in the Navy but have returned to fishing again for relaxation and fun.

Most of my yak trips have been around the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains which has a wealth of trout, bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. Since the nearest body of water is a little over an hour drive away we like to load up the RV and make it a fun camping trip and almost always next to the water.


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