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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 15:05

Why Fishing from a Kayak?

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When I was a young kid my dad and uncle would take me fishing with them in the early mornings before sunlight. Many of those fishing trips would be in my uncle’s bass boat which made transportation easy getting to new fishing spots that weren’t easily accessible via land.

I spent nearly twenty years away from fishing while serving in the Navy but found myself attracted to it again in the summer of 2012 when I met a new friend operating a program for kids called "Teaching Kids to Fish". I spent the next couple years fishing from the banks and catching some small fish here and there but I wanted a method for getting to the deeper waters and some of the taller grasses in areas of the water that I couldn’t get to by land.

I visited a few outdoor stores and looked at several of their boats but I really didn’t want to spend thousands of $$$ on a boat. If I lived on a body of water or closer than I do then it might be worth it but the nearest body of water to me is a little over an hour away so I figured purchasing a nice boat would be ridiculous. Another thought about purchasing an expensive boat would be how much more money would I have to pour into it for maintenance, state registration and transportation such as a trailer?

I began to notice several methods people were using to get out on the water to fish such as float tubes, canoes and kayaks. I always thought of kayaks as recreational for paddle racing and floating down the white water rapids. Well, I visited a Bass Pro Shops in March 2014 where I finally had an opportunity to get a personal close-up view and feel of a fishing kayak, I knew then I was going to get one. I spent the next couple months reading reviews and shopping online for the right kayak for me. Since this would be my first kayak ever I didn’t want to go overboard so I looked for something simple and affordable. I found the right fit for me at Bass Pro Shops in an Ascend FS10 sit-inside fishing kayak that was only $500 and simple.

Since purchasing my new kayak I have found it easy to get it in the water and paddle wherever I want on the water to catch the fish. It is also easy to get into difficult spaces such as overgrown grass and log area which motorboats won’t attempt. Another benefit purchasing a kayak over a motorboat is I don’t have to register it as a vehicle, I don’t have to purchase a trailer to transport it, maintenance is minimal and it is light enough for me to take it off the roof rack of my car and drag it to the water by myself.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of owning a fishing kayak and I may purchase a new sit-on-top kayak in the future and hand my current one to my wife and daughter. This kayak has already paid dividends to my fishing habit and it has also provided more entertainment and fun for my family as well and that is priceless!

This is my story as to why I started fishing from a kayak and I know there are many others out there as well. If you have a story about why you fish or kayak fish please comment, I would love to hear others stories. Thank you!!!

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My name is Josh Madison, I grew up in western KY and spent most of my childhood fishing surrounding lakes, rivers and ponds. I took about twenty years off from fishing while serving in the Navy but have returned to fishing again for relaxation and fun.

Most of my yak trips have been around the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains which has a wealth of trout, bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. Since the nearest body of water is a little over an hour drive away we like to load up the RV and make it a fun camping trip and almost always next to the water.


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