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Saturday, 26 July 2014 19:13

Try something new

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I will admit it. I am a power fisherman. Spinners, crankbaits, lipless cranks, spoons and square bills are my usual arsenal. Most days I am able to catch my fair share of fish with my favorites, but today was just not that day. I spent nearly 4 hours fishing my home waters at Stillhouse Hollow Lake in Killeen, TX with my normal approach. I find the grass, get into casting distance and start hammering the deep edges of the grass with the usual suspects. 

Not one of my lures was intriguing any fish, not even a bluegill. I smelt the skunk coming and I was furious. I then decided that I needed a new approach. The wind had picked up to the usual Texas 10-15 out of the south and the bank that I had been following did not favor the winds. I packed up and headed for the north shoreline. I got there in no time with the handy propel drive making an easy 4 mph with little effort. I trolled the entire way, but my single hook spinner baits failed to land any short strikes. That just added to my determination. I knew the fish were there, but the just didn't want to play.

I arrived on the north shoreline about 10 mins later. I paused for a few mins to tie on some new lures. I had heard a lot of people talking about slowly bouncing a fluke soft platsic rigged up weedless across the grass with great success. I happened to pick up some ZOOM Salty flukes at academy on sale not too long ago. I rigged one up on a 3/32 weighted 2/0 hook. The wind was perfectly pushing me along the bank line and I could see grass everywhere. I cast into the 8 foot water and let the lure sink. Wait…….. small crank……twitch……twitch, repeat. I continued doing this motion for about three more cast and I started to feel some nibbles. A few more casts, repeat the retrieve and……BOOM! My lure got hammered by a nice 16” largemouth. I caught 2 more largemouth repeating this process, but not near the size of the first.

So from now on I will be more adversed to using different tactics. Will I give up powerfishing? Absolutely not. Enjoy the video


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Greg Sterley

Greg is an active duty Army Officer and AH-64D Apache Pilot. He started kayak fishing in the summer of 2011 with his father at his home away from home in Destin, Florida as a cheap way to get on the bay and out into the gulf of mexico. Greg loved kayak fishing so much that he soon forgot about buying a boat and has since owned four kayaks. Whenever he is not out fishing at his current duty station you can catch him working on his cars, shooting guns or enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two dogs.  

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# Kayak_angler 2014-09-24 15:07
I am a power fishing guy as well and have had good success and bad as most have. I have a hard time just sitting around too long so I enjoy the power fishing arsenal.

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