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Thursday, 03 July 2014 22:46


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I read an article published on Fisherynation.com today. it was titled Why are we Importing our own fish? The article talked about how 86% of the fish we consume in the United States is Imported from other countries, while one third of what we catch is exported to some of those same countries.

It caused me to respond and even allow myself to sign up for a new (to me) subcription of this social web club (unfortunately)
As a fisherman, I know that the Bass or Crappie I catch in one lake, does not taste the same as another lake. I feel that this maybe the same with the import export of seafood.
We're here, If you want American fish caught by an American then get on a boat or find a commercial fisherman here that you can buy from and have it overnight airmailed to you! It's not as expensive as you would think. If the support was here, then not as many fish would be exported and you could get everything a lot fresher. It is not however, and it causes our industry to sell where they can to support their families.
A better, solution in my opinion, would be to hire one of these commercial fishermen, and charter their boat, grab your kid away from the TV and go out and catch your own! THEN, you will TRULY know where your catch came from and find a new skill and hobby!
I maybe be wrong about my ideas and thoughts on this matter but this is how I feel about it! I fish with a lot of catch and release fishermen who do it for the sport, yet complain that I keep fish to eat. I don't violate my laws here, all of the fish I keep are legal and I hold to bag limits as I should. I feel as though I may be helping ecology and nature by being a predator and eating what I catch, even if the guy next to me says to put it back because it could be someones trophy next year. Well my friend, it's going to be my stomaches trophy tonight when I get it back. I don't always keep legal fish, some lakes I fish need those fish to procreate for balance. 
It's up to all of us who do fish to cleap up after ourselves, AND OTHERS who don't in order to keep things going in our fisheries. This means the last guy who cut his line after a snag and left a 30 yard birds nest laying on the bank, isn't smart enough to realize that monofill takes 600 years to biodegrade. 
So cleaning up, means trash, but it also means harvesting to make room for new and juvenile offspring. This is important. 
Finally, the point here from the start is that if you keep some of those sport fish, you won't be paying $22 to $60 a plate for something caught in Japan that is in a coastal state, and you're helping the environment in my opinion.
Enjoy the fight, keep the lines tight, season your dinner right!
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