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Saturday, 25 January 2014 23:10

In this year...

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January in Missouri January in Missouri

I'm not much of a writer as some can tell. I don't punctuate properly, or even know how to spell very well. My sentence structure really is deplorable as well. Having said this, I think I am going to try and get on this blog thing at least once a month this year.
I try to keep a good memory of my travels, new faces, new fishing holes, and try NOT to turn them into "fish tales". I know that this tends to happen sometimes though. With the passing of my 40th anniversary of breathing at the beginning of January 2014, I feel as though some things must be taken into account though and aging, and subsequent memory loss (as it seems to happen in my heritage) are not too far away. That combined with my stupidity at a younger age of beating my body senseless with activities that I am now feeling, have led me to this path.
So I will give it a go to try and do this so that I can look back at 41 and say "OH YEAH, now I remember where I left my keys last January, I was writing a blog, and had I kept up with it I would have found them 11 months ago!" OK that part was a joke but you get my drift. The mental health of my brain has always tended to itself, by that I mean I truly do have A.D.D. and can not focus very well on one subject for too long without taking a break or forgetting where I was. Some things are easier to handle than others, writing usually isn't one of them.
Enough about my issues with it, just time to get it done.

There are several, places I would like to fish in my Yak, different species, I would like to catch from it, and people I want to meet this year. Last year was so full of this in just one weekend at the Boondoggle. I tried to get a couple friends to tag along with me, but, they either couldn't get the time off from work, or had another trek already planned and money set aside for that. I understand those reasons. I truly am happy that it worked out that way to be honest though. I met, in person, a group of really phenomenal people by being on my own. The drive wasn't a blast, but I traded company on the road, for a new friendship on the water. My new friends Jeff and Roland made sure I wasn't skunked on my trip by pushing into other areas of the Perdido Key adventure.

As these things tend to happen, somewhere along the way, my conventional "wisdom", which I promise is an oxymoron in this case, was blown away. Not only were Jeff and Roland there to teach me a few things, but I was also privy to a long conversation with Redfish Chuck and Chad Hoover. Two gentlemen (please don't let them know I called them that) who I have much respect for in the Kayak fishing world. I debated some points with them, was educated by them, and blown away by their appearance of being so laid back that I aspired to do the same. I say appearance there because I cannot tell in 3 days what a lot of their stress levels are like. I'm sure they have them at times, but they didn't seem to be like mine. Boondoggle transformed a lot of misconceptions into goals.

I want to take 2014 in a different direction and just try to get to some of these tournaments, catch my dinner, and find new ways of enjoying myself on the water. There will not be the same people surrounding me this year on trips to the water that there were last year. No longer am I going to be taking the girls with me as much, they're welcome to come, but they must fend for themselves this time. No more tying their floating barge onto my kayak for me to tugboat them down the river and lose out on fishing time. You want to go? Bring a paddle or find someone else to take care of your safety. I'm fishing!

So this is the first of at least twelve I think. I've not been out to wet a line since late September here in Missouri, due to weather and work. Life is what happens when you make plans, but I am going to make it my best effort to plan life!

See you in February!

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