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Friday, 17 January 2014 22:22

Back to the Basics in 2014

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I have been doing some thinking about how I fish and what I use when I go fishing. Recently a friend of mine purchased a Technical polling skiff and I have been spending a good amount of time out fishing on his skiff. I began to notice I was taking less tackle and gear with me on his boat than I would take on my kayak. So here is where my goal for 2014 is while it is nice to have four rods rigged and ready to go with 4 or more tackle boxes and a bunch of other stuff it is time to take a look into slimming down the mess and get back to using what works and focusing on techniques and making the bait that I am using work for me. I have caught more fish on just three different baits than all the other baits I have combined and this is where I want to prefect and work on the skill of catching fish instead of picking up a different rod or tying on a different bait. I believe that this is where the kayak angler has the ability to out fish the boat guy because we take our time and we have learned to work with minimal gear and maximum patience that the angler who can bounce from spot to spot has not learned. I am looking forward to this idea and what this will bring to my fishing knowledge and hopefully will be passing some of it on right here on Yak Angler.

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# Jarredhs 2014-01-30 01:32
I just started kayak fishing and I already face this problem of what I really need to bring. And I like your point of other fishermen going spot to spot, I noticed that the first day out on the water, that other fishermen would crash land there big bass boats into a spot, fish five cast then take off again somewhere far away.while on the other hand I spend up too thirty minutes hoovering in one spot and hours poking around a general section in a lake. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm not doing it right

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