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Thursday, 22 August 2013 22:14

Nucanoe Comparison

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After a couple of months with both the Frontier 10 and the Frontier 12 I figured it was time for a comparison. Let me start by saying I am 6’5” and weight around 260. I am a big clumsy fisherman so this comparison is based on the husky opinion.

I like both the Frontier 10 and Frontier 12. I own both so I do not have to choose just one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of my comments are pretty obvious since of course the Frontier 10 is lighter than the 12 and of course the Frontier 12 has more room than the 10 but I have stated them anyway as advantages and disadvantage.

Frontier 10


  • Turns on a dime

I was very impressed the first time I tried to turn around. I was fishing flooded timber on the lake and up in the trees. I needed to turn around but was in a pretty tight area. I had no problem doing a 180 and getting out of the thick stuff. The turning also helps a lot of flowing water to get the kayak where you want it to go.

  • Lighter than Frontier 12

Again this is apparent. It helps a lot with getting access to areas that don’t have easy access. If I am fishing somewhere with a ramp I am fishing out of my Frontier 10.

  • Easy to reach everything

I am one of these guys who fishes with a lot of equipment. I have gotten to where unless I am after panfish I carry around 6 to 8 rods. I can get to anything easy in my Frontier 10 which helps spend less time digging for stuff and more time fishing.

  • Great for small waters or rivers

Like I said earlier turning and getting around small water is very easy in the Frontier 10.

  • Stable

I was scared the Frontier 10 would not be as stable and I would not feel comfortable standing. I was an unfounded fear. I stand and fish quite a bit out of my Frontier 10.


  • Not as much storage

I do fish with too much stuff but that is how I roll. I like to use the slide mount along with my crate pack to hold all those poles. I can’t do that in the Frontier 10 so I have to leave some stuff at home or lay it out on the deck.


  • Stable but I felt more stable in Frontier 12

While in my opinion it isn’t as stable as the Frontier 12 (but what is) it is still plenty stable.


  • It seems to track a little different than the Frontier 12

The first time I paddled the Frontier 10 I felt like I was weaving a little. I haven’t noticed it since but in my opinion the tracking is better in the Frontier 12.


Frontier 12


  • More Storage

I like to carry stuff and man you can carry everything plus more in the Frontier 12.

  • Stability is best in my opinion

I have not paddled every kayak but I have never paddled one more stable than the Frontier 12.

  • Great big water kayak

I have fished the ocean, the bays with boats, the Cumberland River with barges, and many big lakes with bass boats buzzing me out of my Frontier 12. I have never had an issue. Granted I am careful and didn’t go out in the ocean when it was rough I have always felt safe in my Frontier 12. The Frontier 12 is my go to big water boat.

  • Allows me to fish with my daughter

This is why I first got into a NuCanoe. I have fished out of both the Frontier 12 and the Frontier 10 with my daughter. Both work but the Frontier 12 is the way to go.

  • Will be my go to hunting kayak

I have my blind ready to go for next duck season. I also hope to get a deer from some of the islands on the lakes around TN. That extra room will work for getting my deer back to the main land.

  • Tracks great

It is easy to go in a straight line in the Frontier 12. I have never paddled both the Frontier 12 and the Frontier 10 I the same day but I think the Frontier 12 tracks a little better.



  • Heavier than Frontier 10

If you have to carry the Frontier 12 very far even with a cart it can be a beast. One of my next purchases will be a C-Tug and that will help but if you need to get access to an area without easy access the Frontier 10 is the way to go.

  •  Not as easy to load and unload with one person

I can throw the Frontier 10 in my truck without a bed extender. The Frontier 12 takes a bed extender. I hang both of the Frontiers up. The Frontier 10 is pretty easy to do with one person but the Frontier 12 is a chore.

  • Doesn’t turn as quick as Frontier 10

It is fine in big water but skinny rivers or area with flow it you have to pay attention.

So which is my favorite. That is a tough question. I like both of them and would not trade either one. My advice to someone who is looking is try both together on the same day. I know I said I have not done that but since I have both I really don’t have to choose. If I am river fishing the Frontier 10 is my ride. If I am fishing a tournament on a lake the Frontier 12 is what I am in. I really have not noticed a difference on the water as far as if I have to paddle long distance I would choose one over the other. If you are around middle TN and want to try both out I may be able to meet you for a quick trip and maybe we can catch some fish.

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# BigDfromTennessee 2013-08-31 21:58
Nice and informative article Kevin. It great to have choices.

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