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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 21:23


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This blog will have no images. Why you may ask? Well I learned a valuable lesson this past weekend. Never allow girls who are not a part of your fishing life to go camping with you, or at least make sure they go on the water with you when you're fishing for an online tournament and need pictures.

I went on my weekend excursion with a few friends and a couple of girls who were enthusiastic about the trip, right up until the day it came time to put into the water. I was fine with them not wanting to go. A couple of them did go, but not in a raft, or kayak. On an air mattress and inner tube. This left the task of keeping them off the rocks and tree branches protruding out of the water to me. Doesn't give you much time to fish while trying to paddle yourself with a rope tied around your ankle dragging the dead weight of 300lbs of 3 girls sunbathing. A good workout for sure, but not good fishing.

When I was able to cast the line, I wasn't getting much in the way of bites. I caught a 2 inch shad for my first fish. Using a diving crawfish by Rebel ( you know the $10 Walmart 4 pack special?) for most of the trip was the goal. I did have a back up of a bobber line that I was letting troll in front of me. Few bites on that one but no hook set.

For the four hours on the four mile trip I mostly just made sure that my friends weren't going to sink. I think they could have taken care of themselves but 20 somethings like the attention and the comfort of being taken care of.

We arrived back at the campground I shored the girls and decided to continue on for a mile or so to actually catch some fish. GREAT IDEA! Hooked into a 13" smallmouth and several goggle eye, that didn't make the cut.

Unfortunately, my camera was confiscated by one of the girls that didn't go on the float long before we left and without my knowledge. So the pictures that have filled my SD card are of her with several different people at the campground. Go figure!

So in the future, I may break my rule of going out alone on my trips. I believe I will be fishing alone from now on so I can actually participate in these tournaments that I have entered!

Love the girls but a big distraction unless they have the wish to fish as well.

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# wildrover 2013-06-29 08:17
So where are the pictures of the girls? LOL
# Plan B 2013-07-12 15:25
Another girl had taken the camera while we were out on the water. Same group of girls going in a couple weeks so I'll get pics of them then!

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