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Monday, 27 May 2013 20:56

What's in a Kayak Name

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Some of us feel a tangiable attachment to our plastic boats. We might spend more time with our craft than we do with wives, girlfriends, maybe even children (hey I aint judging). These boats become an extension of our personality, taking on all the elements that we possess; flamboyance, clutter, maybe even our nerdiness. And to make us feel even more attached to our craft, we might select names for them. 

My first kayak was an old model Heritage Pro Fisherman 14'. Though she has served me well since I got her in '11, she has always had a tendency to have....bad things happen with her. Be it scratching up the top of my SUV during loading, skunking horribly, or losing hatch covers in storms (or on I-75). She had taken on my characteristic klutziness. And at the time, I was a fan of.....My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Thats right yall...I was once a brony. And yes, I am a bit ashamed of it...but man is it a funny cartoon! Any way, a character on the show, nicknamed Derpy by her fans, was known for having crossed eyes and being accident prone. And she had the cutest catch phrase: "I just dunno what went wrong!" And after hearing that adorable phrase, I knew what to name my boat: The What Went Wrong".

Next came my beautiful pride and joy till recently: my Wilderness Systems Ride 115. I got the camo colors, which is mostly black, with some tans browns and even whites thrown in. I honestly fell in love with the Ride the first time I demoed one, and it honestly hurt me to sell it. But, all things must come to an end. She was a very heavy boat, at over 80 pounds. Her color and weight reminded me a lot of my own taste in music; black metal, heavy metal, power metal, doom metal. She was black and heavy like Dimmu Borgir or Satyricon, her form brought a Draconian doom to all fish who saw her sillouette, and the power she gave me to go out and fish was as strong as Avantasia's jam. I decided to name her after my favorite band at the time: "Moonspell."

And now I will be buying a Hobie Outback, and I sit here thinking of what could be this new craft's name. No one will know, not till I have fished in her, bought her, fallen in love with her

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Dustin Schouest

At 22 years old, Dustin Schouest got into kayak fishing in 2012 and has become addicted to it. Fishing out of southern Louisiana, the writer of Heavy-Metal-Fishing.com has been learning more and more about fishing every day. He loves the fish he catches, the marsh he lives to see, and the beauty of nature.

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# Irish Fly 2013-06-20 23:02
Haven't purchased my first kayak yet. Doing some research & testing to see what kind I want. However, I have picked out a name already. And have a 6 pack of Canoe Paddler waiting so I can christen it properly.

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