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Sunday, 12 May 2013 13:21


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Yesterday (Saturday May 11, 2013) was a bright sunshiny day here in the Midwest. I had the bright idea of getting out to enjoy some fishing. I was also interested in using my Hawg Trough for the first time. Wasn't going to have enough time to get out in the Kayak before sundown so I spent the day on shore again. Thought it was great when I left the house. By the time I reached the lake I was going to fish I realized what was in store. 20-30mph wind gusts blowing in 3 different directions from my standing spot on the bank. Luckily most of it was blowing from the bank out so it helped with casting and keeping the lines tight with the bobber on.

The time was about 5:30pm and I figured that most people would be headed home, I was wrong. EVERYONE started to show up, causing my bright idea to move if necessary to be thwarted. I decided to stay where I was. After about an hour and no bites I though of packing up and heading to a different lake all together. The couple to my right then started catching. I couldn't deny that I knew the patterns of times that they bite in that area and finally realized that I should change my lines.

I pulled my 10lb line up and tried out my Nanofill 4lb (review being typed tonight) line out to see if that changed results. BAM it did. I cast right next to one of my other lines that was sitting just off a submerged tree and it took the new bait. FISH ON! Well I thought it was a fish, bait caught bait!First fish So I continued on to get something a bit bigger and BAM!!!







More bait. Just a bit shorter than the first. UHHHGGGGG. Disheartening for sure!

2nd fish

I kept at it not getting another bite for quite a while but seeing surface activity everywhere. I would throw just beyond  where I saw a ripple and reel back to the spot and let it sit. The nI would see ripples all around it. Frustrating to say the least.


Another hour passed and I finally came up on my target. Crappie were my main focus and I was happy to finally pull one in, but as you can see, it wasn't any better than before.
1st Crappie

These lakes don't have a size limit but I refuse to keep anything less than 9" in Missouri anymore even though they WANT you to keep all sizes in these lakes. I feel leaving them till next year will be better for frying them up and I'll eat them then.
I continued and it started to get a bit darker so the nibbles should have been better but I only pulled one more before it was time to pack up for the night.

2nd Crappie

By far the smallest crappie's I have caught this year but I think it will get better after next weekend. The tail and underside fins are chewed up leading me to believe that spawn is in full swing and I can catch some better fish soon.
I'll be back at it next weekend if I can!

Enjoy your time fishing people!

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