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Saturday, 13 April 2013 01:09

Draining a lake

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Today a friend of mine called me to see if I was available to help him on Monday. He lives about 70 miles away from me so I was sceptical about it. I asked him what was the thing he needed. He replied he wanted me to help him empty a lake.

Now I have never done this before, and unfortunately I still won't be able to. He says, there are huge Bluegill, Bass, Catfish, and possibly Crappie in there, that we get to keep. I can not fathom the interest in someone doing this so I asked what the deal was. He responded that the owner wants to just put Koi in this pond.

Now Koi are a form of Carp, they are pretty to look at and relaxing to watch. My friend can not tell me how big this "lake" is but if the fish are as big as what he is saying, that's a huge body of water to put Koi into. I asked if he was farming them. My friend doesn't know.

I am up in the air here because I would love to fill my freezer but have reservations about destroying the ecology and a natural lake like this just so I can eat and someone else can look at pretty things.

We shall see what transpires on Monday. If I find some work this weekend to justify the drive out there i might go just to see it. We would not be getting paid cash for doing this, the trade out is the fish!

What would you do?

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+1 # smj190 2013-04-13 13:53
That is a tough one. I see your reasoning, but let me play devils advocate. If the owner wants it done, he will probably do it one way or another, so why not get some fish out of the deal. But don't do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable and make you regret it.
# uconndave 2013-04-16 18:26
What happens if the koi escape into the local rivers? There are many levels on which this needs to be planned out. The owner should contact his local fisheries people before he ends up with a huge fine, and an ecological disaster. See Snakehead fish
# DaddyFish 2013-04-16 11:25
Koi are considered an invasive species in many areas. it might be useful to check the local fish & game regs...
# Steve66 2013-04-18 15:31
Where are you located? Would be nice if you had pics.

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