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Friday, 15 March 2013 08:08

Drift Ghost

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Drift Ghost Drift Ghost

Not A GoPro, But!

Having purchased Drift POV Video cameras in the past and being completely satisfied with them, I couldn't help myself when the Drift Ghost came out just before Christmas.  The previous Drifts that I own came with everything as did this camera.  Remote, mounts, the Ghost even came with an extra lens cover.  The Drift POV cameras are known for the longer battery life without having to purchase a power pack or expensive option to give you the extended life.  The only draw back of the Ghost is that it only has a 3 hour battery life where previous versions of the camera had extended life batteries that would get you 4 hours.

iOS APP For The Drift Ghost

The main feature that got my attention was the ability to control the camera from my iPhone.  The app that is available allows you to change your settings, change the different modes of the camera and even download your pictures and video to your phone. Which means you can take your Hero shot of your latest catch and post it on the internet while your still fishing.

Getting Out.

Other than trying out the camera in my office and learning how to use it with the iOS app, I have not had it out on the water yet.  Plans to get out in the next week or so will also give me the opportunity to try out the Drift Ghost on the water and post some shots directly to Yakangler while I am still fishing.  That is if I catch any fish!

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Richard Ofner

Richard Ofner started fishing in the fall of 2008 from a kayak, targeting all freshwater species. He has fished all over the Great Lakes Region from Lake Michigan, Lake Superior to the French River,  and Bay of Quinte in Eastern Ontario. Taking advantage of all the opportunities Southwestern Ontario has to offer, Richard seeks out trophy Muskie, Walleye and Bass which can all be caught minutes away from where he lives.  The last few years Richard has ventured into Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas participating in several Kayak Fishing Tournaments.

He has organized the Border City Classic, in Windsor, Ontario which has grown to become one of  the Great Lakes Region’s largest Kayak Fishing Events. It is also one of the Hobie World Qualifiers since 2014. 

During the winter months where he can't get on the water he will do seminars, work fishing and boat shows, and write for blogs to help promote the areas vast resource of fishing opportunities and helping others to discover the sport of kayak fishing. Taking videos and pictures on the water of other people fishing in kayaks has also expanded into his kayak fishing experience.  
As a Hobie Fishing Team Member you may see Richard out in one of his Mirage Driven Kayaks mainly targeting Walleye, Bass, and Muskie, and will travel a few hours to target Salmon, Trout, and Sturgeon.

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