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Saturday, 22 December 2012 17:39

Torqeedo Kayak Motors

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I believe there comes a point in most kayakers lives where they wish they had a little more than just self propelled power behind their kayaks. For me its on those long windy days where you let the wind push you miles away from the launch and then turn around realizing you know have to paddle or peddle the entire way back.

Now I've done the motor thing before. I went out and found a nice trolling motor, came home and made a nice mount for my kayak and then went out and bought a deep cycle battery to power this beast. In theory it's a great idea but the weight combined with the relatively short battery life make this more of a hassle than anything else.

I had all but given up on my hopes of powering my kayak with a motor until iCast 2012 when I met Chad Hoover over at the Torqeedo booth. It was one of those things where initially at the show I looked it over, thought to myself, "that's pretty cool," and walked away without any lasting memory of the motor or the battery.

After getting home I decided to do some research and found that this German company, Torqeedo, has cornered the market on electric motors making everything from full blown electric outboards to their Ultralight 403 Kayak Motor and even powering the Hobie Evolve kit.

I hadn't been able to find many reviews on the product, minus a few YouTube videos and some forum posts with people asking the same questions that I had so I decided to contact Torqeedo directly to see if I could give one a try and see if they could really live up to their claims.

I finally headed down to Estero River Outfitters to pick up a Hobie Evolve kit for my Pro Angler so I could give this thing a shot. After unpacking the motor and battery I was astonished to find that the battery is not only waterproof but weighs an astonishing 6lbs!! Nothing compared to the 50lbs of its deep cycle brother, and the motor itself was right around the 10lb mark bringing the grand total to only 18lbs for motor and battery!!!

torqeedo boxes

torqeedo motor in pro angler

torqeedo wireing pro angler

Finally after the install, which only included a few holes drilled into the hull of the kayak, it was time to take this bad boy out for a spin. So I picked the windiest winter day I could find and hit the water. The kit fit flawlessly into the slot for the mirage drive and locked into place. From there I was able to control the entire unit from a throttle control placed directly on my right. This throttle control was another thing that I couldn't believe. It gives you the most detailed readings you can think of from speed, battery life remaining, hours remaining and distance until the battery is dead.

torqeedo control pro angelr

I was able to get the Pro Angler completely loaded up for fishing and have it cruising at just under 5 knots. At that speed the battery would last about an hour according to the read out on the throttle display. However I kept it cruising at 2.2 knots and after a full day of fishing I was left with 26% battery life whereas with a deep cycle battery I would've been left paddling back to shore with an added 100lbs of weight in the kayak.

torqeedo in hobie pro angler

This company definitely has the product, the technology and also great customer service to put them leaps and bounds in front of their competitors. If you haven't checked them out do yourself a favor and visit them at http://www.torqeedo.com/us/

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James Van Pelt

Jim has been fishing his entire life. Recently within the last few years becoming active in kayak fishing. He is a kayak fishing guide at Kayak Fish Southwest Florida and a member of the Hobie Kayaks Fishing Team.


# Alberto Artagaveytia 2012-12-28 08:26
Nice article, I have know of Torqueedo for a while but I had a shock when I learned the price of this things. For me it makes it impossible. Maybe when I can't paddle anymore I will go for an electric kayak but at the [resent prices you can almost buy a kayak, motor and battery of another brand.

Hopefully this technology becomes more affordable in the near future.
# KnotRight 2013-01-07 16:08
Great review!!
# Plan B 2013-05-08 13:34
Great review. Pretty cool product and I like the engineering behind the lightweight design. I don't know if it's my browser or what but the only picture visible was the first one. All others were broken.
# twctim 2015-03-29 12:59
Hi Recently I picked up fishing line that got wound around the drive shaft-motor to propeller on my 403 ultra light. I don’t believe this damaged the O ring seal where the shaft goes into the motor. However, As a precaution I’m considering applying a sealer to the rubber O ring to prevent any water from entering the motor-thoughts ?
# TomK 2015-12-17 20:45
I liked my torqeedo 403 until they refused warranty repair for water entry into the motor via an O ring, because the motor housing had some scratches. I detailed this experience in the watercooler section of the forums. My motor is less than a yeaar old and it has two year warranty that is pretty much no good since the motor housing has scratches. Imagine that....a trolling motor getting scratches.

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