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Sunday, 18 November 2012 20:09

The Journey

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With the advancements in kayaks and kayak fishing the formerly uncharted depths of the ocean are becoming more and more accessible. Enter Joe Hector of the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Series. Joe is known to be a pioneer in the offshore kayak fishing world and has one of the best tournament series going. When I first started getting interested in offshore yaking he was the guy that showed me the ropes. Since then I've come to really respect him both as a friend and an ambassador of the sport that we all love.

When I first read about his mission to catch a swordfish out of his kayak I thought to myself, "well at least I know I'm not the only one who everyone is gonna think is nuts, but if anyone can get it done, he's definitely the guy for the job." From the start I was definitely rooting for him and couldn't wait to see the video of his adventure.

Fast forward to 5pm that day. My phone rang and it was Joe asking if I had read about his mission. Which of course I had. Then he asked if I wanted to be a part of it. Without letting him finish his sentence I blurted out, "absolutely!!" Primarily an inshore guy I wasn't exactly sure what I'd be able to bring to the team of experienced offshore guys but hey I'm always up for a challenge. It won't be my first time messing with dangerous species from my kayaks as over here on the West Coast of FL I regularly target large sharks from the kayak.

So now the team is assebled consisting of the kayakers (Joe Hector, Doug Perez, Joe Kraatz and myself) the Captain (Chris Braswell) and the film crew (Keith David and Jared Richter). There is sure to be some drama, our fair share of haters and a few disagreements along the road, but in the end we will have accomplished the impossible.

We are on a missoin, heading offshore, at night in search of a legend. You can track all of our progress here http://www.extremekayakfishingtournament.org/the-mission.html

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James Van Pelt

Jim has been fishing his entire life. Recently within the last few years becoming active in kayak fishing. He is a kayak fishing guide at Kayak Fish Southwest Florida and a member of the Hobie Kayaks Fishing Team.

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