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Sunday, 09 September 2012 14:36

Kayak Fishing Holidays

Written by Angel Ubay
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As we seek to get as much out of our leisure time as we can wring from it, the search for interesting and cheap holidays takes us into adventures beyond just finding an all-inclusive resort next to an attractive beach. Adventure and activity holidays are becoming more sought after, particularly those who love to spend time outdoors.

Kayaking has become a holiday activity that can be enjoyed by all the family and is available in most countries. For those looking to add an extra thrill to this sport, a kayak fishing trip in the US is an exceptional opportunity. It has become so much easier to find cheap holidays, so finding a gorgeous location shouldn’t be a problem.

A kayak fishing holiday in the US may sound a very male-orientated activity and possibly too offbeat for a family holiday, but for the family looking for something that is easy to do and easy to arrange, it can go down as one of their great holiday experiences. Time spent out on the water is one sure fire way to relax and catching fish is a bonus (or a must if you are a sports fisherman).

It is possible to find cheap holidays for Kayak fishing all over the United States. You are totally spoilt for choice because nowhere does the scenery disappoint. From the Pacific North West to New England and every place in between, kayak fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed on lakes as still as millponds, rivers in deep gorges with towering cliff walls or out on the ocean. Thanks to the huge diversity of location, the fish that you might find dangling on the end of your line can be anything from bream to sturgeon, catfish to salmon.

Choosing a kayak fishing holiday in the US is also not bound by season. Each locale will have the best time for fishing and you can choose between balmy days on the west coast or bracing days on the Great Lakes. The brave souls might also fancy a spot of kayaking in the frozen beauty of Alaska.

Equipment needs are pretty minimal – boats and fishing tackle are easily hired, unless of course, you fancy yourself something of an expert and pack some of your own gear. Instruction in kayaking is also on hand for the novice boat user.

For the man looking for an unusual bachelor destination, you might want to forget the bars of Amsterdam and the nightclubs of Magaluf, opting instead for a long weekend in Maine. Long days of floating and fishing, followed by barbecuing your catch, washing it down with a few (or more) beers and retiring to sleep in a log cabin is certainly a way to say goodbye to single blessedness in style.

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