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Tuesday, 08 March 2011 01:00

YakAngler Family Roadtrip

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YakAngler Family Roadtrip Photograph by Gregg

It all started months ago when it was suggested on the YakAngler.com forum that we should all get together for a fishing trip down to Florida.  Once the date was set it turned out that my kids had the following week off from school, and I had a family road trip on my hands.  Those of you that have traveled with kids know the hassles they can cause, and this was not going to be a few hour trip to Grandma’s house but a 20+ hour 1200 mile pilgrimage to Jacksonville Florida.

After some discussions with my wife, it was decided that my plans for a full week of fishing and camping around Florida would be shortened to what would become to be known as the YakAngler Boondoggle.   This weekend would be followed by a trip to Cape Canaveral and Disney World. Then with another stroke of luck the trip was extended by a trade show I had the following week at Disney World so the wife and kids would get a full 7 days with the mouse.  So we were all excited and just had to wait through the snow and the cold until Presidents Day arrived.  There was a lot of snow while we waited.

Well when they day finally came we couldn’t wait, everyone was up on time, bags were packed.  We got the kayak on the roof, we loaded the equipment and luggage, maybe a little overloaded, and got on the road.  We were going to warm tomorrow!



We were excited as we had not gone on a family trip like this in a few years.  Because of my work my family is well traveled, my kids prior to this trip have been to 45 different states and this trip was going to add 2 more to their list.

Soon the piles of snow were getting smaller and the temperatures were getting warmer.   Well the excitement was short lived when a few hours later lunch reversed itself while we were in the Bronx and we had a car sick kid and no place to pull over.  Luckily traffic was light and in 10 minutes we were at a rest stop in NJ cleaning up the car.  This would be where I give praise to Husky Liner floor mats, they have a large volume and can hold a lot of liquid which made clean up a lot easier than past episodes.     We were back on the road and the snow piles faded away, the thermometer hit 60F and would stay above that for the next few weeks.


Less than 24 hours later we arrived tired, sore but warm.  We explored Little Talbot State Park, while we waited to be able to check in to the camp site, and the kids found their first wild armadillo.  We made a Wally World run for some supplies, unloaded our gear and set up camp.   Soon the rest of the YakAngler crew started to show up as did some of the crew from the IrishWaterDogs.com.  We relaxed got some food and hit the sack as the moon came up.  Tomorrow the fishing would start!


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Gregg Crisp

About the Author:

Gregg Crisp has been an avid fisherman all of his life. In 2007 he rented his first kayak and discovered kayak fishing.  A year later a new one was in his driveway and he has never looked back. He frequents the waters around Boston in search of Striped Bass, and also spends plenty of time chasing Black Bass in the sweet water.  As an environmental contractor he has traveled and lived all over the United States, having fished in over 20 states. He currently resides in New Hampshire with his wife and two sons. Gregg authors the Blog YakFish.net, is part of the Yak Angler, Werner PaddlesRat-L-Trap & YakDaddy.net  ProStaff and is a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.


# Pam 2011-03-10 20:48
Great write up Greg. I thought I commented on it before but I must not have. Glad you guys made it home safe and sound, loved meeting you and your family! What a great crew. Hope we do it again at the Keys! :roll:
# Lyn 2011-03-12 19:23
Loved how much you managed to jam in!
# ABadBackcast 2011-03-15 08:52
What? No pictures of the full floor mat?
# YakSushi 2011-03-15 09:23
Quoting ABadBackcast:
What? No pictures of the full floor mat?

# Hammerhead 2011-03-15 19:12
What? No pictures of the full floor mat?
Yeah at that point I just wanted to get rid of it. I thought we were going to have to smell it for the next 15 hours. Do you think if I would have they would have sponsored me. :D

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