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Sunday, 06 March 2011 11:17

Trick My Yak

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Trick My Yak Photograph by Pam Funk

Just like a car or a motorcycle, making customizations to your fishing craft pretty much comes natural.  After using my Hobie Outback for the past five months I started to get a feel for some things I wanted to add and figure out how placement would best benefit my fishing experience.

nathan-working_206Feeling unsure about drilling holes in my kayak at random, I called the folks over at Located on Elkhorn Creek outside of Frankfort Kentucky, Canoe KY has been a
premier resource for paddling sports in our state since 1981. The business owners, Nathan and Allison are always so friendly when I have questions or need help with something, but on top of that comes hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of paddle sports and their product lines.

working_207So, I made the call.  The call asking Nathan if he would mind helping me "trick" my yak.  He quickly responded for me to bring my kayak and "c'mon over" so away to
Canoe KY I went.

Once I arrived, I showed Nathan where I wanted my Scotty rod holders located. He made some recommendations of how to do the job and even had all the necessary hardware in stock to start rigging. After Nathan, Brett, and area kayak fisherman Tommy Puckett finished the work I had originally asked for, Nathan went a step further and mounted the transducer for my fish finder! I had planned on trying it myself, but leave it to him to have a better plan!

canoeky_209I just returned from a 5-day yak fishing trip to Little Talbot Island where we fished for redfish and sea-trout (I've been told to call 'em specks). The rod holders worked out exactly as I hoped they would and the trip was a blast!! I can't say enough about how great Canoe KY has been to work with!  Whether you're looking for your own watercraft, wanting to rent for a day trip, or want to make some changes to something you already have, be sure to give them a call at 888-CANOEKY.

Check out more of Pam Funk's articles at her website ShesaManiYak.com.

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Pam Funk

About the Author: A self-described kayak and fly fishing addict, compe”tent” camper, and photographer in her dreams, she found her lifetime fishing hobby was transformed into a full-blown obsession when she bought her kayak and added a fly rod.

Pam is a member of the Yakangler.com Pro Staff team, TFO Flyrods, Hobie Polarized and Columbia Sportswear Pro team. She is a member of the Kentucky Kayak Fishing Association where "Yaks Give Back". Their objectives include environmental clean up projects, working with Special Olympics and wounded veterans, and promoting the growth of kayak fishing and safety in our state.

Pam is also the author of ShesAManiYak.com and can be found on Twitter @shesaManiYak.


+1 # Kayak_alabama 2011-03-08 09:37
Many folks rush to put equipment on their new yak and later wish that they had it in different places or not at all. I think it was wise for you to fish your yak for a while before you added stuff. Good Info
+1 # YakSushi 2011-03-08 11:03
Quoting Kayak_alabama:
Many folks rush to put equipment on their new yak and later wish that they had it in different places or not at all. I think it was wise for you to fish your yak for a while before you added stuff. Good Info

I agree 100%, I had to learn the hard way. I tricked out my first yak then realized that I couldn't paddle it correctly with some of the stuff I added. Then had to learn how to fill holes drilled in your yak, because I moved alot of the stuff I added. I would recommend fishing in your kayak 4-5 times before mounting anything permanent.
# Lyn 2011-03-12 19:26
Looks great Pam.
# Hydrophilic 2011-03-16 23:05
I like it all "pimped out". With the rods in the front, how do you cast on a rise in the front or moreover how do you prevent entanglements if the fish makes a run across the bow? I like rods to lay down unless trolling.
# Pam 2011-03-18 00:17
I only keep them in the front (straight out) while traveling. I swing them down and to opposite sides for trolling.

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