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Friday, 24 December 2010 01:00

Diary of a Mad Fisherman

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Diary of a Mad Fisherman Photograph by Bill Howard

I thought it would be interesting if I chronicled a day in the life of a guy (me) who is totally consumed with kayak fishing.

Having a weekday off for me is a rare thing, so after a couple of text messages I was ready to do some fishing with my good friends Dave and Bill. Dinner with the family led to re-rigging the poles and loading the kayak in the truck for a 5:30 wakeup call.

5:15am – Damn I hate it when I wake up before the alarm clock goes off, oh well let’s check Facebook and see what I missed while I was sleeping. Two more friend requests – Not Now. Might as well jump in the shower and get ready.

6:00am – Sneak in the kitchen and make some sandwiches, load the cooler, Ohhhhhh wait a minute, what’s that? My daughter made some cookies? Grab a few of those for the drive. Gently kiss the wife goodbye, tell her I love her and will see her later today. Bye Babe.

6:15am – Heading to the gas station, SNAP…… I forgot the directions to the launch. Back track back to the house, get the directions and then back to the gas station. Fill up, let’s hit the road. Looks like it’s gonna be a great morning.

6:30am – I hit the interstate. An hour and thirty minutes and I’ll be fishing. Time to crank up the music and get on down the road. Plug in some Alice in Chains (in the mood for some grunge), it’s Heywood Karaoke Time.

7:15am – Dang, making good time. A quick text to Dave, not sure of these directions, but he assures me (?) that I could be on the right road.

7:30am – I’m here!!! I find flat clam conditions. Back down and unload the Stealth 14, load it up and wait. Snap a few pictures, there’s a Great Blue Heron hanging out at the launch and the morning light is perfect. I love this time of the morning.


Messing with the GoPro – Flat calm. Those boys better hurry up or I’m leaving them.


Man, I’m hopped up on chocolate chip cookies and sweet tea, I’m ready to go.

8:15am – Right on time, Bill and Dave show up. We exchange greetings, unload the kayaks and get ready. What’s this? Bill has a gift for me? Oh, you shouldn’t have. As I open it, I soon realize I have been regifted.


One more with the GoPro.


And we are off, man it feels good to be on the water.

9ish – Dave is on tailers and hooked up.




10something – We lost the tailers, all we can see now are damn sheepshead tailing, if only I had some shrimp, but then again I would suffer the wrath of my artificial lure throwing elitist snob friends.

Around Noon – After chasing small schools of mullet around, I find the mother lode, there must be thousands of them. Excitedly I call Dave and Bill, but what do I get for my trouble, “Told you Bill, it’s just more mullet”. OK, so there’s no redfish here, I’m soooooo sorry.

Oh who cares what time it is, I’m not catching anything worth a damn. Guess I’ll take some more pictures.


All too soon, the day comes to an end. We load up, wish each other a Merry Christmas and drive home. I catch up on the thousand or so phone calls I got on the water. I call my wife; I miss her and can’t wait till I get home. It’s on these drives home that my mind wonders and I realize that I am a lucky man; Vicki lets me chase these stupid fish around and never complains. I think about how close I came to losing her and how wonderful this Christmas will be. If you have a special someone, make sure you tell them you love them every day.

From the Howard family, to the YakAngler Nation, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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# imnohero 2012-09-15 13:35
Oh my goodness, I'm a fishaholic

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