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Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:32

“Clint” And The No Motor Zone

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“Clint” And The No Motor Zone Photograph by Rob DeVore

Anyone who knows me can tell you that, even though I look intimidating, I’m quite well mannered and laid back…..Most of the time anyway.

I deal with inconsiderate, irresponsible people every day and can proudly say that I try to handle them in a professional and courteous manner. Working in downtown Clearwater, I often witness folks going the wrong way down a one way street, drive right through the “Road Closed” signs, drive through “Stop” signs as if the signs are for everyone but them. Also included are parking in a no parking zone and taking more than one parking space. This sort of behavior really irks me. Is it really THAT difficult to abide by a few simple rules to keep everyone else safe?

Well yesterday, I’d just about had enough of this sort of thing….this inconsiderate, irresponsible behavior.

A beautiful day out at East Sand Key was marred by idiots.

For those of you who don’t know, East Sand Key is in a “No Motor Zone”. There are signs all over the place that state “No Launching of Motorized Watercraft”. Why is it then, that 4 guys launched 2 jet skis and proceeded to buzz all around the area?

I wondered the same thing too…that’s why I paddled right up to them on the beach while they were working on one of the ski’s. I pulled down my buff, took off my low slung hat and hung it on the end of my fishing rod that was in the rod holder….

Me – “You guys ok?”

4 Douche bags – “Yeah…I got a leak in my ski, man.”

Me – “I’m not sure if you noticed…but you’re operating that ski in a “No Motor Zone”…

4 DB’s – “Naw man….we didn’t know….we didn’t even launch here.”

Me – “I suppose you didn’t see the “No launching…” signs or the “No Motor Zone” signs either. See right there next to your truck? You know? The one with the jet ski trailer on it? There’s a “No launching of motorized watercraft” sign.”

4 DB’s – “Awww man…we didn’t see them….I see them now, dog.”

Me – “Any of you dumbasses ever take a nautical safety course?”

4 DB’s–“No Sir.”

– “…because they offer those classes right next door at the Sailing Center….and if you don’t habla, you can take remedial reading courses at Clearwater High School at night…Compendia?

4 DB’s– (worried looks to each other) “Well…we’re really sorry man….we’ll get out of here ASAP.”

Me – “Thanks…and do me a favor….be careful.”

I was then expecting Danny Trejo to get out of the truck wielding a baseball bat…but that never happened.

I got back in my kayak and paddled away, noticing that the 4 nice boys idled out of the “No Motor Zone” at a very safe pace.

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