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Sunday, 05 October 2014 17:48

Family; my good luck charm

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Recently this summer my wife informed me that she wanted to get on the water with me more. She also demanded that if she was going to join me then she had to have a pedal kayak, paddling just doesn't suit her. So, my search began for a reasonably priced Hobie Outback for her. The search quickly ended a week later and we had a new to her 2006 Hobie Outback that had been barely touched. We made plans for the following weekend to take our dogs and kayaks out to our local lake.

We got down to the lake and made our way across the cove to the opposite side where there were no people. After the short pedal we set up camp and let our dogs swim and chase after each other. 

I couldn't resist the urge to fish and my amazing wife gave me the go ahead to head out. I had only brought one rod on this trip and I figured, why not take her boat out for a spin and see how it fished. With my lone rod on board, rigged up with a ZOOM 5" paddle tail in Houdini color, I began casting to my left as I peddled the Hobie into the current maintaining my position. I slowly reeled the paddle tail in trying to make some good vibrations and allowing the lure to fall after each retrieve. 

I could not believe the slam on my line that I felt after my 3rd cast. I thought I had snagged my line on a log or some of the abundant grass nearby. I knew it was a big fish as soon as my drag started buzzing and the fight was on. I could hear my wife yelling to me asking if I had something. I vividly remember replying, oh yeah!" For what seemed like and eternity, I slowly gained more and more line, bringing the hawg near my grasp. I attempted to grip the fish, but he was having none of it. My thumb paid the price, the ensuing blood from the damage was well worth it though. My second attempt was successful and I secured the fish and headed back to shore to measure the beast.

I have fished that area for hours and hours on end. I have always had success in that specific area, but never as good as this. Maybe my family is my good luck charm!

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Greg Sterley

Greg is an active duty Army Officer and AH-64D Apache Pilot. He started kayak fishing in the summer of 2011 with his father at his home away from home in Destin, Florida as a cheap way to get on the bay and out into the gulf of mexico. Greg loved kayak fishing so much that he soon forgot about buying a boat and has since owned four kayaks. Whenever he is not out fishing at his current duty station you can catch him working on his cars, shooting guns or enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two dogs.  

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