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Tuesday, 16 March 2010 10:42

Robo Fish

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The world’s first autonomously-controlled robotic fish have been on display at London Aquarium. The robotic fish are said to swim as fast as tuna, with the acceleration of a pike and the navigation skills of an eel.

The fish, designed by Professor Huosheng Hu, of Essex University, navigate by sensor based controls, and mimic the motion of fish. Prof Hu’s team worked with the London Aquarium for three years to develop a biologically-inspired robot that mimics the undulating movement of real fish. Prof Hu said the project aimed to bring the public into direct contact with robots, increasing their understanding of science and technology. He said: “This work has many real-world applications including detecting leaks in oil pipelines, mine counter-measures and improving the performance of underwater vehicles.”

Computer scientists at the University of Essex in the U.K. developed the self-guided robot fish, seen here swimming in the aquarium. The designers say it is the smartest such robot yet created the fish uses artificial intelligence and built-in sensors to avoid obstacles and respond to environmental changes.
The fish’s battery lasts for up to five hours, though the scientists hope to one day program it to search for and access a recharging station when it runs low.

“This work has many real-world applications, including seabed exploration, detecting leaks in oil pipelines, mine countermeasures, and improving the performance of underwater vehicles,” project leader Huosheng Hu told the Associated Press.

The bot, which resembles a one-and-a-half-foot-long (half-meter-long) common carp, mimics the undulating motions of a real fish swimming and turning. Three of the cyber-fish will swim in a tank at the aquarium alongside their living counterparts.

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