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Thursday, 14 February 2013 12:12

A Little Love and Hot Pink Lures

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As a young girl my bride had a rough start to her fishing career. As the story goes, a catfish was caught and it started grunting like catfish sometimes do. Being a tender hearted youngun, she thought the catfish was crying and she raised a fit in its defense. She was promptly dismissed to sit in the car for the rest of the fishing trip. This was her entire fishing experience until I entered the picture.

She was content to just go spend time on the water but I wanted her to fish with me. Ground rules had to be put forth before she would agree though. The first rule was she would not bait her own hook and the second was she wouldn’t take fish off the hook. I figured that was fair enough and soon she was outfitted with her own rod and reel and we were ready to go.

After working me to death with a bucket of crickets the first trip, I was rethinking my decision to fish with her! I realized then that I needed a different plan of attack. I figured I needed a simple lure that she could cast easily and required no “real” fishing skill. This would allow her to catch fish, but keep me from baiting hooks.

 I have fished with Rooster Tails my whole life and I figured that would be the ticket. I found a hot pink one and got it for her, more for the cute factor than anything else. She quickly showed me that cute can catch fish and she flat out-fished me with that crazy pink lure.

 That was twenty years ago this June and she has come a long way in her fishing prowess. She still throws a pink Roostertail most of the time and she still whips my tail either by catching the most or the biggest of the trip.

Last year she even caught her first fish on a fly rod…… her hot pink fly rod. And that fish was caught on a fly tied special for her, a pink Chernobyl ant! Whatever it takes to get my bride on the water is worth it. I can honestly say that out of the many critters that have come over the side of my boat, she has been the best catch yet!

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Chris Funk

Chris Funk is an avid outdoorsman and rabid photographer. He tells folks his life revolves around 6 "F"s, his Faith,Family,Fur,Fins,Feathers and Fotography. He paddles all over the Southeast with his bride Angie and son Ethan. They fish for any critter that will tighten a line and it doesn't matter if it is with conventional gear, fly gear or bowfishing gear. He and his son are on the Jackson kayak fishing team and the whole family helps with an awesome group called Paddle4Tomorrow that gets people with special needs out for a day of paddling.

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