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Monday, 03 December 2012 13:08

Creature Feature The Goblin Shark

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I thought it might be cool to feature a new crazy species every week from our oceans. Hopefully some of these “Creature Features” will be new to you, and you will get to learn about some of the amazing animals we have in our oceans. First up is the goblin shark, looking more like an alien with its protruding jaws and pink flabby skin the goblin shark could easily win the contest for ugliest shark species. Closely resembling ancient shark specs, the Goblin shark makes it home on the ocean bottom at depth 600-4000 feet.

So what makes the Goblin shark so unique? The goblin sharks long protruding nose is perfect for searching the muddy bottom. When they uncover a small fish or crab on the ocean floor they use their jaws like a grasping spiked claw, totally detaching the jaws from its skull.

Goblin Shark Alive

Goblin sharks typically pray on crabs, deep sea fishes, shrimps and other organisms within its habitat, which covers regions off the coasts of South Africa, Portugal, Australia, and Japan.

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