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Tuesday, 08 May 2012 05:48

YakAngler 3.0 launches this weekend!

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Some of you may have noticed discussions in the Forum about YakAngler 3.0 beta testers being needed, or my lack of participation in the forums and community. It’s because I’ve been hunkered down in front of my computer, rebuilding YakAngler.com from the ground up. Although not my first choice, our site’s architecture recently changed dramatically and a site migration or upgrade was not possible. This also gave me the opportunity to address several key issues I had with the current website.

I had three main goals during the build: make the site easy for users to navigate, keep it clean, and increase site performance. During beta testing, no users got lost in the bowels of the site, so I assume site navigation has improved. When you log in for the first time, you might be disappointed by the lack of colors of images. This was all done in an effort to clean up the site, and also help with the websites performance. YakAngler 3.0 loads 30% faster than the current website, hopefully solving the speed of loading issue that many of you have experienced. Here is a breakdown of some of the improvements to the new site:

New Layout and Navigation

Registered user menu – Depending on your user level, once logged in you’re provided with a submenu that allows easy access your forum signature, YakSocial profile, and more.

Uncluttered home page – The new home page has been trimmed significantly. All new articles will display in one location as opposed to three.

yakangler 3.0 article menu

Slimmed down menu – The main menu has had a complete overhaul. I’ve removed 90% and replaced it with an easy-to-navigate page menu.

Article Improvements

yakangler 3.0 author profile

Author profiles – All YakAngler Staff members will have dedicated author profiles displaying their bio and social media profiles. I also added the author’s sponsors to each profile. This way, all the cards are on the table when you’re reading a product review.

Article comments – Along with the standard commenting system you’re used to, I added the ability to comment using Facebook Comments.

YakSocial Improvements

Recurring events- YakSocial now allows you to schedule recurring events with daily, weekly, and monthly repetitions.

Document sharing in groups – You now have the ability to upload files into your YakSocial groups and share them with other users.

Better notification system – The new site offers more ways to be notified of events and things happening on the site.

yakangler 3.0 video tag

Video tagging – You can now tag videos the same way you tag photos in YakSocial.

Forum Improvements

yakangler 3.0 forum icons

Facelift –The forum didn’t get any significant new features, but it did get a facelift with new colors and icons.

yakangler 3.0 social forum

Social Sharing – One featured I added to the forums is the ability to share posts through Twitter, Facebook and Google +

I’m sure there are a few other changes I’ve forgotten to mention, but what fun is exploring if you already know the way? I plan to launch the new site this weekend, barring any unforeseen issues. I’ll keep everyone updated as to when the launch will happen. I’d like to thank all the members of the community who helped me debug the site. This launch would have been much later without your help!

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Mark Watanabe

Mark "YakSushi" Watanabe is the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com, "He built this site!". He considers himself a mediocre fisherman and an unexceptional writer. He's the devoted father of a ton of little sushis (Air Quotes) and everyday tech ninja.


+1 # napigsi 2012-05-08 09:58
Look forward to the changes, and thanks for all the work.
+1 # YakSushi 2012-05-08 11:31
Quoting napigsi:
Look forward to the changes, and thanks for all the work.

Thanks, it's been a long build but the end is near!
# Hammerhead 2012-05-08 20:01
Nice Job Mark. I know you worked hard on it. Thanks!
# RSmith 2012-05-09 11:10
Will we loose any of our information in the move?
# YakSushi 2012-05-09 15:36
Quoting RSmith:
Will we loose any of our information in the move?

No everything "Should" move over, if something gets jacked up let me know and I'll be able to fix it.

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