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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 11:50

This is why I do it

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This is why I do it Photograph by Bill Howard

I’ve been very fortunate to come across YakAngler when I did; it has allowed me the opportunity to share my adventures on the water with a diverse group of like minded anglers. For that I am deeply appreciative. I don’t profess to be a great writer, I’ve had no formal education in it, other than my experiences in the Air Force, I tend to rush articles and sometimes I ramble on. But I keep at it and I hope those that read my writing enjoy it. I was also fortunate to be involved with Malibu kayaks, because through them I had the chance to write for Blade Magazine, an Australian Kayak Fishing Journal. Now I’m international. Who would have thought this sometimes grouchy ole fogy would be a published writer? So as deadlines approached, I submitted my next article. Maybe you read it "Paddle Around The Bay.

I want to share an email that I got from the editor, Justin Willmer.

Hey Bill,

Thanks again for getting involved, this story is truly great... it's bigger than the sport, it's inspirational and at the same time it had me in tears, so then I had my fiancé read it to make sure I wasn't a sook and it had her in tears also.

I am proud to have this story in the magazine and I think it will have an amazing response among our readers... yeah it's about kayak fishing, but it's also about life, love, passion, loss, friendship, family, humanity, goals, dreams... it is truly epic and my fiancé said any story that can stir emotion like that is a truly great story and well written.

You have inspired me to do something similar... a true adventure and raise money for a charity. I am going to pitch it to a mate of mine and see if he will join me on this journey.

Thanks again for what is a brilliant story... very close to home for me with a similar outdoor adventurous upbringing with my father, who's like a best friend also... he's almost 70, has just fitted an electric motor to his kayak as his hands are now to sore to paddle due to arthritis and I'm not sure how many years are left in him... I dread the day.

Thank you. Cheers,


That’s why I do it...

About the Author: Bill Howard is a Pro Staff Member at Yakangler.com, as well as Malibu Kayaks. He is also on the Columbia Sportswear Pro Team. Bill is an avid photographer and writer, contributing to numerous websites and publications in the Tampa Bay area. In 2008 he completed a 17 day, 129 mile trip around Tampa Bay raising nearly $4000 dollars for the American Heart Association. He is also a board member for the Tampa Bay Chapter of Hero's on the Water.

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