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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 11:13

Thankful For...

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Thankful for what I've had and whats to come Thankful for what I've had and whats to come Lauren, Aleixs and Christy

Happy Yakangler Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for so many things it would take me all day to list them and that is a blessing in itself.  But for the sake of the website and interest of any readers...

Here we go:

1) I am thankful that we started the Yakangler website this year.  Also because of the site I have become better friends with a wonderful person-Mark. :)

2) I am thankful for good health and the abilities to go out and kayak fish.


3) I am grateful that Adam and I have some (just a little!) extra cash to spend. The good news is that kayak fishing is cheaper than fishing from a boat but still there are cost involved... especially if you are Adam and love gadgets and toys-his most recent purchase "NRS Paddle Wet Shoes." (pretty neat)


4) I am thankful that I never have to lift the kayak and put it on the Jeep (thank you Adam)

5) I am thankful for all the fish in the water and all the beautiful landscapes that God has painted for us!

6) One non-Yakangler... I am thankful lastly for a truly amazing mother who I miss like crazy but can't wait to reunite with one day. She would love that I even had thoughts to kayak fish and try new things.  She would encourage me to go for it, have fun but definitely remind me to always wear my life jacket!

With Thanksgiving Day in a few days it is only right to give some time and thought to the things/people/gifts around us.  This morning as I read the Southeast Christian Newspaper and several personal stories, I realize that things in my life aren't as stressful or tough as I thought and that with God in the driver's seat...I'll always get to my destination.

What are you Thankful For???


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