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Mon, Apr 21, 2014
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Monday, 24 March 2014 17:53

Failed to Demo

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In my 11 years of kayak fishing, I've learned a lot. For most of it, I didn't have mentors and fishing forums that I could frequent. I was on my own, messing things up by trying to rig things, and getting good at patching holes. That first Pelican kayak (The Banana Boat), was something to get me on the water…
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 11:58

New Yak Hauler

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If you ask a bunch of kayakers about trailers, you will get a wide variety of opinions. Some use repurposed Jet Ski or boat trailers and some go all out with dedicated trailers built and marketed just for kayaks. A lot of us use multi-purpose yard or cargo trailers and have to be ready to turn them from boat haulers…
Thursday, 13 February 2014 12:24

On The Road Again!

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Tomorrow Adam and I are on the road at o' dark thirty for ten arduous days of driving and work. Well… If you consider driving to warmer climates to meet up with friends at the President’s Day Boondoggle, then a week-long road trip down to the Everglades to fish the Adventure Fishing World Championship (AFWC) to be work… Then yes,…
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 01:30

Doing My Part

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What do I mean by this? Well it was time to take part in a wonderful local and national organization, known as" HOW," Hero's on the Water. This non-profit organization helps our wounded military veterans that have suffered from many medical ailments, as well as psychological ones, such as PTSD.
Sunday, 02 February 2014 17:06

No Perfect Kayak

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I'm sorry to be the one to say it. Well... not really. For you new guys - the lurkers and quizzers, the ones wanting to get into kayak fishing or just kayaking in general - the perfect kayak does not exist. For you kayak fishing vets - not all of you, but some of you - stop telling them, “Kayak…
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 21:42

Run to the Sun

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I love spring, summer and fall, but winter just wears on me. It is not that I can’t handle cold weather; I have fished with frozen rod guides and have had to break ice to launch my boats before. As a deer hunter I also spend many mornings watching the sun rise in below freezing temps. If winter could be…
Monday, 27 January 2014 21:45

A "BLUSTERY" afternoon of fishing!

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January is a very challenging month to get any kayak fishing done but with the recent warmer temperaturesand running water through Rock Creek Lake we have not seen any ice lately. The water temps are a bit warmerfrom the large amount of water coming in from the north from wells normally used for irrigation. The largemouth bass have been especially…
Friday, 17 January 2014 19:59

Look What The Wind Churned Up...

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After a day of 60+ mph winds and a "tumbleweed invasion" the weather settled down enough to get a kayak out on the water here in the "banana belt" of Nebraska. There was a brisk breeze out of the north but temps were bearable for the hour and a half I had the opportunity to fish before the sun would…
Saturday, 04 January 2014 13:06

Cats on Artificials?

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It’s another serene setting in the kayak on a cool summer morning. The lake surface is like glass with long legged blue heron stalking prey on the edges. The sun is bright and shines warmly on my shoulders. Casting the edges of dead tree lines usually proves to catching fish. After a few casts there is a huge jolt! Is…
Thursday, 02 January 2014 13:08

Why Fly?

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If you were to ask a person why he fly fishes, there would be no telling what kind of answer you could run into. Some will say it is just relaxing and a lot of fun, or it is a new challenge. A purist might tell you how he can keep a fly in the strike zone longer, or can…
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