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I often daydream about what my ideal kayak would look like. I am also the guy who preaches there is no perfect kayak. It’s hypocritical and a pipe dream but what if? If I could take the best parts of kayaks, what would it be like? My Franken-Yak would look like this:

The Rocker of a Cobra Fish-N-Dive

When you want to glide through the surf like a champ or handle big chop on open water, a rocker (the front nose angle of the kayak) makes a big difference. I really like the FND rocker.

The Storage of a Malibu X Factor

I am a sucker for under deck storage. The X Factor is a cavernous kayak that can protect your gear when in rough water, offers tons of access hatches and can accommodate rods of seven or more feet under deck.

The Propulsion of a Hobie Mirage  Drive

Lots of people like the Native Propel drive but the shallow water capability and quick in and out of the Mirage Drive wins me over. Fluttering the Turbo Fins in six inches of water or removing them completely for surf reentry is a benefit no other propulsion system has mastered as well.

The Vantage Seat of a Hobie Pro Angler

To me, this isn’t even a competition. This amazing seat is an adjustable, comfortable, strong framed seat. Not only is it awesome in features, it’s durable and can support a big boned person.


The Harmony Elite Rudder from Wilderness Systems

The long rudder that works on so many different kayaks is versatile, durable and really gets the job done. I have one on my 14 foot Commander and I like it better than the knuckle busting Hobie Rudder.

The Speed of the Hobie Revolution

With Turbo Fins, this kayak is one of the speediest on the water while still maintaining a good amount of stability. I put a Revo through the ringer and plowed through some major 2-3 feet chop into a head wind and never felt exhausted.

The Tank Well of the Native Mariner

While it can be a love/hate issue, I like the open format of the sailboat style back deck on the Native Mariner. It’s easy to get on if you turtle, allows you a wide area for crates and coolers and keeps the deck super customizable.

The Stability of the NuCanoe Frontier 12

As far as paddling boats go, this bad boy is a stable barge. That’s not a bad thing. Fishing with other people or by yourself, stability is important and the NuCanoe delivers. It paddles a lot better than a 41 inch wide should as well.

That is my Franken-Yak. Love it or hate it, it’s what I like. The question is, what would yours look like? Let me know in the comments. 

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