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Mark was originally from Florida. The winding road of life had brought him to Kentucky. The cost of a family and other economical influences, he came without his 25 ft boat. He had always loved fishing but didn’t think that fresh water fishing could compare. After being in Kentucky for a few months he met Adam. Adam had a shared interest in fishing and as a local Adam had ideas on how to make fishing here interesting. He convinced Mark to give fresh water a try. They strapped on waders and hit the Ohio River.  It was fun but Mark was still not convinced about fishing in freshwater. A few weeks later the guys then went out on a canoe….that was it. They were hooked!

While out on a business trip Mark came across a kayak fishing publication that captured his attention. Adam and Mark toyed with the idea. It satisfies a family budget and the desire to fish. They were unaware up until this point how versatile some of the setups were. The two began searching the web for resources. They found that the online resources were underdeveloped and fragmented. Their interests in kayak fishing and the aspiration to encourage and educate others led to the development of yakangler.com.

“We wanted a place that users could share their stories, learn of new products and safety measures, and share the tricks of the trade.” In the evolvement of our website our staff members have grown to include some of our members. YakAngler.com is what it is today because of our knowledgeable team members and dedicated community.


26inch yellowtail 7lb bass yakangler

Head Ninja / Cybernautical Engineer

Company Owner and Technicial Director

Name: Mark Watanabe

Nickname: YakSushi or "59 6F 75 20 63 61 6E 20 6A 75 73 74 20 63 61 6C 6C 20 6D 65 20 74 68 65 20 53 68 69 74 21"

Home Base: Louisville, KY

Kayak(s): Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 11, Native Ultimate 14.5, Diablo Chupacabra, NuCanoe Frontier

Kayak fishing since: 2007

Your thoughts on Kayak Fishing: How much did gas cost today, NOTHING! Every time I filled up my 25' Mako CC I thought I was going to have to take out a second mortgage! Kayak fishing is the cheapest and best alternative to fishing out of a motorized boat. It's also better for your health and our environment!

Favorite fish species, and why: King Mackerel "Kingfish", once you hook into your first 40 pound drag melting, reel busting "smoker" you'll understand!

Bait, hardware or flies: Saltwater in the Gulf of Mexico there isn't a better bait than a nice fat greenback, and I'm not talking money. Hardware.. I'd say "software"; it's hard to beat soft plastics! I've caught everything on them from Snook on beach, Catfish on the Ohio, and Largemouth at the Compound.

Country or Rock-n-Roll: I'm more of an Modern Rock and Old School Hip Hop type of guy, nothings better than a little "Funky cold medina".

Contact: mar...@yakangler.com

Website: www.yakangler.com | www.yaksushi.com


Adam2 IMG_0234

Big Kahuna / Brand Evangelist

Company Owner and Marketing Director

Name: Adam Hayes

Nickname: BajaJay

Home Base: Louisville, KY

Kayak(s): Ocean Prowler Trident 13', NuCanoe 12', Crescent kayak Double Fisher X

Kayak fishing since: 2007

Your thoughts on Kayak Fishing: I think that its a way more extreme style of fishing and I love the fact that I can just grab it and go, I don't need a trailer, partner, gas (for the boat). Its just cool and I get a great work out from it, seriously, have you seen my guns?

Your favorite Kayak Fishing moment: Probably going to the monastery because it really shows how awesome kayak fishing can be. We carry out to a pond where NO ONE fishes nor really has back access to and were just tearing it up!

Favorite fish species, and why: Stripers because the can get pretty big but when you hook into one it feels like your fighting a Mac truck, they just put up such a great fight.

Bait, hardware or flies: I love the Berkley Gulp jerk baits, you really can catch anything on them. And fishing in current I love the 3" powerbait grubs, I've caught more on these two soft plastics than any other lure out there.

Country or Rock-n-Roll: I like'm both. You'll never catch me without my jam bands; the Grateful Dead, Gov't Mule, Dave Matthews, pretty much anything playing on Sirus Jam On.

Contact: ada...@yakangler.com

Website: www.yakangler.com



Imperial Revisionist

Editor, Lead Product Reviewer

Name:  Greg Becker

Nicknames:  BigFlyReel

Home Base:  Apollo Beach, FL

Kayak(s):  Native "Slayer Propel 13", Current Designs 16' "Altura"

Kayak fishing since: mid-1990s

Thoughts on Kayak Fishing:  I've owned gas and diesel burners, but my favorite boats have always had paddles or oars. I loved the drift boat I used to run on the Salmon River in NY, and used to have fun fishing from sit-in kayaks in northeastern lakes before anyone I knew except the Eskimos thought it was cool. Now that I am in the Land of the Great Winter Waters, I've been able to move that love to salt water, and to quietly get to places that most other folks will never get to fish. It's my way of chilling out and being at peace with the universe - at least until the first blow-up!

Favorite Kayak fishing moment:  Seeing my nine-year-old son hook and land a good redfish on his first trip in a kayak by himself.

Favorite fish species, and why:  Haven't found a favorite species, but I do love anything that will take a topwater bait.

Bait, hardware or flies:  Not much on bait - artificials or flies are my preference.

Country or Rock-n-Roll: I'll listen to anything but rap for a few minutes, anyway...

Contact: gre...@yakangler.com