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  • Trophy Walleye Time Has Arrived

    Within rapidly cooling waters, primal forces drive walleyes into a fall feeding rampage. Bundled against the elements, anglers cast, jig, troll and drift with live baits and artificial lures, ready to do battle with biggest, baddest, and smartest fish of the season. Read More
  • 2018 Kayak Angler Choice Awards - Nominations Open

    We are taking nominations for the annual Kayak Anglers Choice Awards (KACA)!  Read More
  • 5 Fishing Subscription Boxes Worth Checking Out

    A fishing subscription box definitely has the surprise factor going for it, which is quite exciting. We explore some options. Read More
  • Kayak Fishing With Cut Bait

    One of the fiercest debates is between anglers who swear by artificial lures and those who say that nothing beats the real deal when it comes to bait. There can be no doubt that artificial lures are more realistic looking than ever and fooling a fish with one can be a real thrill, but this doesn't mean that fresh bait is now obsolete. Read More
  • Interview with Josh Duke

    We chat with Josh Duke from Lakeland, Florida, who was recently named Fishing Team Manager for Bending Branches.  Read More
  • Tools For Cutting Braided Fishing Line

    There are plenty of very good reasons to use braided fishing line when kayak angling, but many anglers have been left frustrated by the frayed ends when they cut this multi-stranded line. Unless you want to waste precious time on the water, it is best to have a proper tool at hand to cut this type of line. Read More
  • Tips For Catching Big Fish From Your Kayak

    Catching a big fish from a kayak comes with its risks, so if you want to reap the rewards you are going to have to be careful. Read More
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Recent Reviews

Hobie "Mirage Revolution 11"
"I have been kayak fishing for a long time. I picked up a Hobie Revo 11 several years ago. In my 3rd year with this kayak, the hull cracked. Through an informal poll of 80 other Hobie users I learned that Hobie pedal drive kayaks have more than a 10% failure rate for these cracks. And they don't seem to be repairable. The Hobie warranty on their kayaks only lasts 2 years, This kinda sucks since most kayak makers warranty..."
Pushin’ Water Kayak Fishing Charters
"What a great experience. Guide, Brian was top shelf, knew his stuff. Communication was great, available by phone, text and email. PayPal made it so easy. His calm nature was comforting as I had never been out on the ocean in anything but a boat. Peddling around in deep water was peaceful, relaxing, and picturesque. The sunrise, cloud formations, waves, and off shore breezes were out of a movie. Then, when you least expect it, FISH ON!!!!! We caught the..."
Native Watercraft "Versa Board Angler"
"I bought this boat about a month ago and have had it on the water a half dozen times. What originally attracted me to this model was the weight and the ability to stand. The best feature is it's stability, rock solid. Unfortunately it also paddles like a rock. You will not want to go far paddling this boat. It is also a very wet ride. The seat that is sold as an option ($150+) will have you setting in..."
Perception "Pescador Pilot"
"This has been an great kayak. We couldn't be more happy! Perception (who also makes Wilderness) makes a very good product and this boat is no exception. Stability ratings on kayaks varies from one person to another but at 33.75" wide I can throw a cast net from this boat (it took some practice but I can do it). Love the pedal drive! I believe in previous models the Pilot had some issues but those have been resolved. Ours has..."
Wilderness Systems "Ride 135"
"I bought this kayak when they released the redesign in late 2011. I am retired so I have spent many hours fishing out of it. It originally came with the low seat. They came out with the high seat and I bought that. They were OK but after a few hours everything was numb. Enter the Air Pro Max seat. Wow this was the best improvement that could have been made for this boat. I can spend 10 hours in..."
Eddyline "Caribbean 12"
"People who spend a lot of money on something without first trying out all the competing offerings will talk about how much they love it and how awesome it is. Human nature, even though they have no idea how it compares. With that out of the way, I demoed one of these boats. To me it's a boat that tries very hard to be everything and comes in mediocre at best for all of it. As a fishing kayak it..."


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    • Frog bite
    • How late in the year or at what water temp do you stop fishing a frog?
    • 21 hours ago
    • rpbenevides's Avatar
    • Fihing from Portugal
    • Hi guys, I wil be posting a few videos from saltwater kayak fishibg in Portugal. This one is White sea bass in light jigging. Hope you guys enjoy....
    • 2 days 2 hours ago
    • BamaYakFishing's Avatar
    • Webinar
    • I’ll be hosting a free webinar on kayak fishing using the Navionics Boating app on Oct. 16th at 6:00 pm CST. This webinar is co-sponsored by...
    • 3 days 3 hours ago
    • krash's Avatar
    • Tips for first time in a sit on Kayak
    • First time out wear your pfd... and always leash your paddle. First couple times out, don;t take anything you can't afford to loose, break, or...
    • 3 days 23 hours ago

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