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  • Waterproof Bag With Suction Cups - Drycase Booth ICAST 2017

    DryCase showed us some great accessories to use when you go kayak fishing. Read More
  • Jackson Kayak Coosa FD Walkthrough

    Jameson Redding showed us the brand new Coosa FD at Jackson Kayak's booth at ICAST 2017.  Read More
  • Gerber Fishing Accessories ICAST 2017

    Gerber had a range of interesting fishing accessories at this year's ICAST. Read More
  • Nucanoe Flint Prototype at ICAST 2017

    According to Mike, the NuCanoe Flint has been a much-anticipated fishing kayak this year, with anglers eagerly waiting for its release. We had a look at a prototype at this year's ICAST and it looks very promising indeed. Read More
  • Orca Coolers at ICAST 2017

    Jason Sandberg shows off the Orca Coolers. The coolers are made in the USA and they are so well insulated that the company claims maximum ice/cold/heat retention for up to 10 days. Read More
  • Old Town Predator PDL and Ocean Kayak's Malibu PDL at ICAST 2017

    We visited the Johnson Outdoor booth and had a look at Oldtown Kayak's Predator PDL and Ocean's Malibu PDL.  This is a great combo if you like to go fishing and take  your family along, as the Predator is a more serious fishing kayak while the Malibu is light, fun and features jump seats for the kid(s) or dog. Read More
  • BerleyPro Fish Finder Visors - Cut Down Glare and Save Battery Time

    At BerleyPro's booth we had a look at their fish finder visors.  This product not only cuts down on glare so you can see your screen more easily, but also saves battery time. Read More
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Recent Reviews

Pelican "Enforcer 120x Angler"
"very comfortable while fishing tracks well fairly fast priced right"
Jackson Kayak “Big Tuna”
"When I first got into Kayak fishing this is the rig I bought. I got it for the flexibility between tandem and solo. I have used it many times both ways. My daughter came with me for many days of kayak fishing. This was nice as she was in her teens and inexperienced in kayaking or fishing. She will soon be moving into her own kayak. I have enjoyed using it solo wherever I go...."
Jackson Kayak "Kraken"
"I have floated the Jackson Kraken 15.5 Elite model kayak in every kind of water you can think of, and have had only one complaint with its performance: You must purchase a rudder system in order to keep it under control in strong winds and currents. It is a beast to keep straight in those conditions and will wear you out without a rudder. Once the rudder is installed, it is a dream to handle in any condition...."
Kaku Kayak Wahoo 12.5
"This is my second kayak purchase, after starting to kayak fish about 3 years ago. After getting my feet wet with my previous kayak (as well as the rest of me, after tipping over!), I was ready for an upgrade. The Kaku Wahoo proved to be worth every cent. I knew what I wanted in a kayak when I started to shop for a new ride. Originally, the field consisted of about 12 kayaks. Gradually, each one..."
Wild River State Park
"We rented a paddle in campsite through the State Park. The launch works well and is in good shape for canoe/kayak landings. The water was very high and fast during our trip so I wasn't able to get a good gauge on the fishing in that stretch of the river. Shuttle and Rental services are offered and available through the State Park. "
Interstate State Park
"This is an awesome and scenic stretch of the St. Croix River. Those wanting to rent a kayak or canoe and/or arrange shuttle service to pick you up and return you to your vehicle can work through Wild Mountain who operate out of the park. I will post a link to their website for those looking for more information: https://www.wildmountain.com/taylors-falls-canoe-kayak-rental."


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