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  • Best Gloves For Kayak Angling

    Although some anglers prefer using their bare hands while paddling or reeling in a big catch, there are a lot of advantages to owning a good pair of gloves. Read More
  • Saltwater Kayak Angling Tips

    Kayak angling can be a very relaxing experience where you get to enjoy the tranquility of nature and take a break from the daily grind. Of course, it can also be very dangerous if you are not careful, especially when you go saltwater kayak angling. This isn’t to say that accidents can’t happen on calm waters, but when braving saltwater there are a lot of extra precautions that need to be taken. Read More
  • 5 Great PFDs To Help Keep Kids Safe While Kayak Angling

    Taking your kids along when kayak fishing can be a great bonding experience and also provide them with a welcome break from digital distractions. Spending more time in the great outdoors can be very beneficial for their health too, but there are some obvious safety concerns to handle too.  Read More
  • Cold Water Fishing Tips from St. Croix

    For many anglers, the end of fishing season arrives along with the cold weather. However, the family-owned and managed high performance fishing rod manufacturer, St. Croix Rod, believes that this doesn’t have to be the case.  Read More
  • 5 Very Useful Apps for Kayak Fishing

    The type of equipment available to modern anglers has grown in leaps and bounds, which means gear that is safer, more reliable and more useful than ever before. However, advances in modern technology have also opened up new avenues for kayak anglers. This includes applications that are available on mobile devices, something that most people carry with them at all times.  Read More
  • Dagon Shirts - Great for Kayak Angling

    Dagon sent us one of their Taylor River shirts to try out - here are our impressions.  Read More
  • 5 Sunglasses Worth Taking Along When You Go Kayak Angling

    One of the most overlooked accessories tends to be sunglasses, but not taking along a pair is usually a mistake that anglers only make once. Read More
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Recent Reviews

American Tackle "MicroWave Guides"
"These really are by far the best guides on the market right now. They really do live up to all their claims. Better accuracy, distance, less wind knots and less backlashing. The only guides I'll put on my personal rods!"
Accent "Pro Core" Paddle
"I dont have this paddle, i have the accent kauai but this was the only accent paddle so I figured this will have to do. The kauai is a great paddle for any type of kayaking. it is very light and pretty well priced compared to other paddles of the same materials. The kingpin connection is nice and the fact that the whole paddle has no metal at all. I've had some nice fiberglass paddles break because the two..."
Vibe Kayaks "Sea Ghost"
" One of the best kayaks out there, regardless of the price. I researched kayaks for almost a whole year before i decided on this one and I am completely satisfied with my choice and regret nothing. This kayak I believe can compete with Jackson and Old Town predators any day. I can stand in it all day long and can throw a cast net off of it. since I fish large..."
Ocean Kayak "Prowler 13 Angler"
"A nice beginners kayak. It has enough features for a casual fisherman and is stable enough for sight fishing (if you have good balance). However this kayak is not easy to paddle and is definitely a workout. It does have the good quality you would expect from ocean kayak, but if your looking for something more for an angler, i would check out the Vibe Sea Ghosts which have a much better value"
Eddy Gear Stingray XL
"This is a great kayak for off shore, bay, rivers etc. And for the money unbeatable. Came with the ruder, paddle, and stadium seat."
Eddy Gear Stingray XL
"Been using it a little over a year now, I could not any happier than I am with it. Waiting on the new smaller version rumored to be available soon. The customer service is good as well: I wore out the seat, I called to purchase a new one, but they just sent out another cover. I put it on the frame, GOOD as new. "


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