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  • IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Event At Clearwater, Florida

    The first regular-season event for the Florida West Division of the IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela's took place recently, where anglers fought high winds and tough bites in the New Port Richey and Clearwater areas. Read More
  • April Is IFA Redfish Tours Time in Hopedale, Louisiana

    Hopedale, Louisiana will be the place to be this April if you are an inshore angler from this area. This is because the first regular-season events for the Louisiana Division of the 2018 IFA Redfish Tour as well as the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour is taking place. Read More
  • Yakangler & Bending Branches April Giveaway

    As the weather is warming, it is time to dust off those kayaks and go catch some fish.  And what better way to start a new season than with a brand new Bending Branches paddle?   Read More
  • Fishing for Rockfish in California's Coastal Waters

    Spring has sprung! For many of you kayak anglers this brings up thoughts of chasing bass on the lake or possibly trolling for some trout? For a growing number of paddlers, this time of year also means the ocean rockfish season is about to begin along the coast of California.  Read More
  • Five Essential Kayak Fishing Skills To Master

    Kayak angling is a great hobby, but like with most things in life, it does require some skill to master.  Read More
  • Seven Kayak Fishing Coolers That Are Worth the Investment

    A good kayak cooler has become indispensable to many anglers. Read More
  • Best Kayak Fishing Crates

    Whether you own a sit-on-top or sit-in kayak, if you use it for angling, then you’ll always need more space.  Read More
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Recent Reviews

Original Buff
"First one I bought was actually for a gift for my dad. Never would have considered it for myself. Got to the car and was reading the packaging. Piqued my interest seeing how many different ways you could use it. Opened his and tried it on a few different ways while in the Cabela’s parking lot. Went back in an bought 2 for myself. I like wearing it as a balaclava in the morning to stay..."
Perception "Pescador 10 Angler"
"Have this kayak for over a year. It has exceeded my expectations for a sub $500 kayak. It paddles easily, tracks fairly good for a 10 footer. Seems stable enough unless you really dig in with the paddle. The Scotty rod holder was a nice freebie. It seems well built, I notice no flexing or substaintial wear on the boat anywhere. Would be nice if they include an anchor trolley especially as an “angler” model...."
ACK (Austin Kayak)
"Products arrived incomplete, without paddle holders & with damaged seat tension cords. Difficult to contact customer service by phone or e-mail to request missing parts, & they were unable to find the product ID - requiring more calls & e-mails. Issue is still unresolved. "
Feelfree "Lure 10"
" I have owned this kayak for 2 years. I really like this kayak for fishing small waters. The seat is fantastic, but check it often for loose bolts. The wheel is nice to have on solid ground. It's a good idea to pull or push the yak with both hands placed on opposite sides of the front handle, it makes it roll better without trying to tip over. I use a longer paddle which comes in handy when paddling..."
"First I was told I would have this in 7-10 days. - About 2 months to receive. Kayak came with water inside. Small amount came out when I removed the plug. Most of the water is still in there. Told it is weighed before shipping and weight was correct. Lie, water weighs a lot, would have shown a difference. They wanted pictures and model number - sent Send back the kayak, I pay freight and I have..."
Santa Cruz "Raptor Sit On Top"
bart rutley
"I wanted a kayak that was light and stable, and, these are "all that." "


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