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  • Five Yak Angling Watches Worth Your Time

    For many people wristwatches have become outdated, with cellphones fulfilling all of their functions and more. Many others who do still wear wristwatches, do so more as a fashion statement and not really as a way to know what time it is. However, this doesn’t mean that wristwatches are completely obsolete just yet.  Read More
  • Spencer Releases Jonesin' for Beyond the Breakers

    Spencer Jones requires no introduction in the Yakangler community. We followed him last year when he attended the Extreme Kayak Fishing Sailfish Smackdown and shared his adventures with us on video. Spencer had so much fun and learned so many things from this experience that he decided to put it into a book for other newbies who want to go beyond the breakers to benefit from. Read More
  • Handy Kayak Angling Gadgets & Gear

    Just because kayaks offer a more low-tech approach to angling doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of gadgets and gear to make things more interesting. Read More
  • Pedal VS Paddle for Kayak Angling

    The introduction of pedal kayaks was a game changer for many kayak anglers as it introduced a slew of benefits compared to the traditional paddle powered ones. The popularity of these pedal kayaks has seen most of the major kayak manufacturers introduce their own models in recent years. However, for many, the question whether to invest in a pedal or paddle kayak is still an important one.  Read More
  • Transporting Your Kayak Safely

    Unless you live right next to a lake or use an inflatable stand up paddleboard for your fishing needs, then transportation is probably something you have had to deal with as a kayak angler. Fortunately, with the right type of vehicle and kayak the task of transporting everything to your favorite fishing spot isn’t too laborious.  Read More
  • Seven Close Encounters While Kayak Angling

    While not as dangerous as skydiving, boxing or rock climbing, as far as hobbies go, kayak angling does come with a certain amount of risk.  Read More
  • Best Gloves For Kayak Angling

    Although some anglers prefer using their bare hands while paddling or reeling in a big catch, there are a lot of advantages to owning a good pair of gloves. Read More
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Recent Reviews

Concord River  Bedford  MA
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Duckett Fishing 360 Series Reels
"I absolutely love using these reels. I have the 7:1:1 ratio because I mainly frog fish. It's really fast and smooth. Definitely worth the money and more."
Eddy Gear Stingray XL
"The only kayak I can fish standing lots of storage and fairly light"
Perception "Pescador Pilot"
Martin D. Mitchell
"I would buy again. This has been working out better than I thought it would. I packed my drive with marine grade/saltwater resistant grease as soon as I got it. Hardware is of high grade across the platform. It is sea worthy! Just be smart about it. "
Field & Stream "Eagle Talon 12"
"This is an affordable beginners fishing kayak. If you are looking for something to fish in or just recreational paddling, this will work. It moves well in rivers and lakes and tracks well for a 12' kayak. It's stable while sitting but is not good for stand up fishing (31" wide). There is plenty of storage but no options for adding additional equipment like a fish finder or camera, etc. The seat is horribly uncomfortable for more..."
American Tackle "MicroWave Guides"
"These really are by far the best guides on the market right now. They really do live up to all their claims. Better accuracy, distance, less wind knots and less backlashing. The only guides I'll put on my personal rods!"


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    • Getting ready for the new season?
    • I usually don't do much prep in the off season but that's largely due to working out of town and I take the yak home when it's too cold to fish for...
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    • Getting ready for better weather.
    • Smallmouth good luck with that new garmin. I just got a Lowrance elite 4 late last year and am still learning and asking questions myself. Try...
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    • Another transport thread
    • I've been thinking about racks for the bed because it definitely would be the easiest way. I travel for work and pull a camper to stay in while...
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