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  • 5 Sunglasses Worth Taking Along When You Go Kayak Angling

    One of the most overlooked accessories tends to be sunglasses, but not taking along a pair is usually a mistake that anglers only make once. Read More
  • Tips For Keeping Warm When Kayak Fishing In Cold Weather

    Some anglers are fortunate and experience nice warm temperatures throughout the year, but not everyone is this lucky. While it is probably more sensible to stay indoors when cold weather strikes, it doesn’t have to be your only option. Read More
  • Diving For Abalone From a Kayak

    Some may think it is crazy to strap on a belt full of lead weights and jump off a perfectly good kayak into the chilly, sharky waters of the northern Pacific ocean. Yet myself, and many others on the rugged Mendocino , Humboldt and Sonoma coasts can't wait to do just this every year.  Read More
  • The Importance Of Choosing The Right Fishing Line

    Although it is possible to paddle out in your kayak and catch a fish using just about any fishing line, some will yield much better results than others. Read More
  • 2017 Kayak Angler's Choice Awards Winners

    We are excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards. This is YakAngler's seventh year hosting the awards. Read More
  • KACA Voting Final Round

      The finalists have been revealed. This is the last week that we are collecting votes for the Kayak Anglers Choice awards. Read More
  • KACA Voting Round 2

      Round 2 now open for votes! Read More
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Recent Reviews

Eddy Gear Stingray XL
"This is a great kayak for off shore, bay, rivers etc. And for the money unbeatable. Came with the ruder, paddle, and stadium seat."
Eddy Gear Stingray XL
"Been using it a little over a year now, I could not any happier than I am with it. Waiting on the new smaller version rumored to be available soon. The customer service is good as well: I wore out the seat, I called to purchase a new one, but they just sent out another cover. I put it on the frame, GOOD as new. "
ACK (Austin Kayak)
Jamey Cote
"1 star cause i have to. I would givenegative 5stars if i could. This company sucks! Don't order a thing from them! Please take my warning seriously. They advertise products they don't have and then try to send you something different! Can you say BAIT & SWITCH!! The customer service is horrible! My order was placed 14 days before my trip. 5 days later i received the wrong item. They said they made a mistake and the correct item has..."
Vibe Kayaks "Vibe Yellowfin 100"
"I am very pleased with my Yellowfin. I have a 13ft Vibe but I use the Yellowfin more because of the versatility. I can one man carry in the back of my suv or easily load on top. The kayak paddles easy and is very easy to turn, I can swipe my fishing rod in the water for quick small adjustments while fishing. My big boat won't do that. The Hero seat supports my back for hours on the water...."
Vibe Kayaks "Sea Ghost"
Mike Hill
"I have owned my vibe Seaghost for over a year now it has taken on rivers, great lakes, inland lakes. This yack is awesome! I added a rear facing seat to take my son out with me and always have him with me. This yack is stable enough for both of us to stand up at the same time. It is fast on the water even with my 10 year old on the back. I have out paddeled every other..."
Runcl topwater frog tackle box
"You’re definitely getting more than what you paid for. The loop that is attached to the lure is small but attached well so you don't have to worry about losing it on a snag. They are chrome colored which will add enough shine to attract fish and one of the frogs actually has a spinning spoon on the bottom. The other really great thing about these lures is that they are all different. Many times when you order lures..."


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