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  • Yakangler Mailbox: YakGear - Fish Stik

    It doesn't matter whether you are fishing for recreational or tournament purposes, measuring the fish that you catch is an essential component of the sport. We received one of YakGear's Fish Stiks in the mailbox and had a look at how it works. Here are our impressions: Read More
  • Stealth - Keeping Your Fishing Rod Safe and Secure

    Most fishing kayaks these days include some form of rod holder, but there will always be a market for buying these separately. Stealth is one of the companies that caters to this market with their quick release rod holders. Read More
  • Yakangler Mailbox: Nextgen Baits Inc. Wounded Rattle Shad Soft Plastic Lure Collection

    There has never been a better time to be a kayak angler thanks to all the advances that have been made in kayaks as well as gear. However, even with all the high-tech gadgets at your disposal, there is still something very satisfying about using something as timeless as a soft plastic lure to catch your fish. Read More
  • How To Safely Store Your Catches On A Kayak

    After the thrill of successfully reeling in your catch, you are faced with two options; either keep the fish and eat it later, or let it go. However, both of these options pose their own challenges, especially on a fishing kayak where you have very limited space for storage and maneuverability. Storing your catch must be done in a manner that ensures it stays fresh and out of your way while releasing the fish must be done without harming it or yourself. Thankfully, anglers now have a lot of tools at their disposal to ensure that whether they keep or release their catch, it can be done safely and with maximum efficiency. Read More
  • Most Impressive Kayak Angling Catches Caught On Camera

    We have all heard about the "one that got away", which is often accompanied by very elaborate descriptions, but very little in the way of evidence. Fortunately, thanks to how cheap and readily available digital cameras are these days, it is much easier to document evidence of great catches or epic struggles while fishing.  Read More
  • Choosing The Right Fishfinder For Kayak Fishing

    In the early days of fishing, there was very little you could do except hope you picked the right spot and wait patiently for the fish to bite after casting your line. Of course, there were a couple of things you could do to improve your chances, such as using the right bait and familiarizing yourself with the area, but luck still played a big role. The arrival of fishfinders changed things a bit as suddenly anglers could find out exactly what is going on under the water without even having to get their feet wet. Read More
  • First Time Offshore Anglers Win in Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament

    The Sailfish Smackdown Series in 2018 crowned two champions from Pittsburgh, PA. & Jacksonville FL - the first time anglers from out of town won back to back tournaments. Read More
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Recent Reviews

ACK (Austin Kayak)
"CAUTION: Before you order a kayak from ACK, do yourself a favor and search yelp for Estes Express. This is ACK's shipping partner and their reviews are consistently 1-star. My order took 24 days to be completely shipped. Sadly, this wasn't my only problem. Many many issues with this company. Over charged for my purchase, poor communication with regards to available inventory, long lead times for restocking, shipping company lost my kayak while in transit, ACK would promise to..."
"The return process was ridiculoud. After several emails, ended up having to call them, and was told to call Amazon, which was incorrect. Called back and had to download a form, fill it out, ship it myself, and pay a restocking fee. Not only do they not provide the return shipping label, they sent it priority mail, so using the box it came in costs almost $20, while finding an odd-shaped box or brown paper to wrap this priority mail..."
ACK (Austin Kayak)
"First apparently the item I purchased was out of stock but there was nothing stating that. Then finally i get an email saying my kayak has shipped. I check my bank account and they charged me way more than what I agreed to and what was stated in my order confirmation. I call them and wait on hold for a while. And turns out the customer service rep I spoke to when I first ordered the kayak that changed the..."
ACK (Austin Kayak)
Darren Wolf
"Ordered my kayak three-weeks ago; status still says "held." Turns out my kayak isn't in-stock, wasn't in-stock when I ordered, and won't be in-stock for at least another few weeks; at which point I'll have the luxury of waiting another couple weeks for shipment/delivery. Even better, the ancillary items I purchased are almost out of stock as well. ACK refuses to split the order up becasue I used Affirm payments so it's entirely probable that, by the time..."
Santa Cruz "Raptor Sit On Top"
"Bought one in February 2018.Starting mid March took it out every day for at least 3-4 hours open water in Great Lakes,wind and waves very often.You can’t paddle in side winds,I mean fresh breezes,6 knots or higher,flat hull in fore section sliding sideway ,so you must paddle only in one side to keep the kayak turning leeward.Paddelind against the winds charging the waves the flat hull is pounding the water with unpleasant and scary vibrations.No damage of the kayak yet,hope..."
Original Buff
"First one I bought was actually for a gift for my dad. Never would have considered it for myself. Got to the car and was reading the packaging. Piqued my interest seeing how many different ways you could use it. Opened his and tried it on a few different ways while in the Cabela’s parking lot. Went back in an bought 2 for myself. I like wearing it as a balaclava in the morning to stay..."


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