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  • Jay Wallen Breaks Through at the Hobie Bass Open

    The third time is a charm. Jay Wallen of Lexington, Kentucky, after finishing third the past two years, has battled through to take the Hobie Bass Open win.  This was year four of the tournament that took place on Kentucky Lake in Marshall County, Kentucky, June 10-11. Read More
  • Swell Watercraft Introduces New Sit-On-Top Kayak Based on Design by Tim Niemier

    Anyone who has ever owned or used a sit-on-top kayak owes a debt of gratitude to Tim Niemier, founder of Ocean Kayak and the man credited with introducing this design to the masses in the 1970s and 80s. Read More
  • Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam

    120 anglers geared up for the Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam in Pompano Beach, Fl., the first part to the series to gather weight for the coveted EKFT Championship ring. Read More
  • My First Musky

    How quickly a very slow day on the water can turn around. Read More
  • Hobie Unveils the H-Crate Jr.

    In May, Hobie unveiled the newest member of their H-Crate lineup, the H-Crate Jr. This is a great accessory for anglers with little space and plenty of storage needs. Read More
  • Best Electronics for Kayak Anglers

    While none of the electronics available for fishing kayaks are essential for catching fish, they can increase your chances of success and make the trip a bit more fun.  Read More
  • IFA Redfish Tour and IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Event At Hopedale, Louisiana A Roaring Success

    The Louisiana Division of the IFA Redfish Tour, presented by Cabela’s, kicked off on April 29 at Hopedale Louisiana. This was followed by the Louisiana Division of the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour presented by Hobie Fishing, which took place at the same location. Read More
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Recent Reviews

Kaku Kayak Wahoo 12.5
"This is my second kayak purchase, after starting to kayak fish about 3 years ago. After getting my feet wet with my previous kayak (as well as the rest of me, after tipping over!), I was ready for an upgrade. The Kaku Wahoo proved to be worth every cent. I knew what I wanted in a kayak when I started to shop for a new ride. Originally, the field consisted of about 12 kayaks. Gradually, each one..."
Wild River State Park
"We rented a paddle in campsite through the State Park. The launch works well and is in good shape for canoe/kayak landings. The water was very high and fast during our trip so I wasn't able to get a good gauge on the fishing in that stretch of the river. Shuttle and Rental services are offered and available through the State Park. "
Interstate State Park
"This is an awesome and scenic stretch of the St. Croix River. Those wanting to rent a kayak or canoe and/or arrange shuttle service to pick you up and return you to your vehicle can work through Wild Mountain who operate out of the park. I will post a link to their website for those looking for more information: https://www.wildmountain.com/taylors-falls-canoe-kayak-rental."
KC Kayaks "K12"
David Wright
"I bought my kc from Andy at All Wet Sports in Jacksonville Fl. On my fifth trip out it took on water to the point of it taking me an a guy at the ramp to get it on land. Once it drained I was able to turn it over an see that the seams in 4 of the scupper hole had completely separated. I get it can be faulty product,however I cant get over the lack of resolve from..."
Dragonfly "Techie 12'"
Brian Hungerford
"I bought my Techie right after they came out. For those that like to stand and fish it provides a lot of "walk around" space. Pretty fast to paddle, probably due to the light wait. It can be tough on windy days though. Pros include the ample deck space, nice hatch, light carry weight and ability to sit or stand with an engle cooler added on. A few con's - one is it can be..."
Jackson Kayak "Kilroy"
"This is an awesome fishing kayak! I am not going to rehash all the accolades and praises others have heaped onto the Jackson Kilroy. If you own one, have ever owned one, or have fished one, you know what I am talking about. Is it a good off shore or whitewater boat? NO!!! Is it the best all around fishing kayak that I have ever used for inshore, large lakes, flowing rivers. Absolutely. This boat has room for..."


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    • digid's Avatar
    • Transporting Rods and Kayaks
    • I built rod holders with a slot out of PVC and bolted to my crate. I also have a 6 foot bed so tailgate is down. I just put the rods in my crate in...
    • 1 hour 24 minutes ago
    • basscatlildave's Avatar
    • Frenchmans Bay Bassin'
    • :bravo: Fishing after work is always a great way to end the day.
    • 3 hours 9 minutes ago
    • austinjoe13's Avatar
    • Sonar Box
    • I ended up putting the transducer in the cargo area. There just wasn't enough room under the seat for it. I took it out for a test drive, and it works...
    • 7 hours 43 minutes ago
    • CentKyPaddler's Avatar
    • Tips for Elkhorn Creek?
    • I always enjoy the Elkhorn. It's one of Kentucky's nicer rivers both in beauty and fishing. When I go we usually drop in at the American White Water...
    • 10 hours 6 minutes ago

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