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  • Inexpensive Kayak Gear To Add To Your Christmas Wish List

      While this time of the year can be stressful on your wallet and patience, it also means that you can look forward to some new kayak angling gear if you are lucky. Read More
  • Six Kayak Angling Drysuits Worth Buying

    A good drysuit is not just able to prevent your clothes from getting wet, but should also be able to keep the warmth in. Read More
  • The Environmental Responsibility of Kayak Angling

    Kayak angling is not only great because of thrills involved, but also for the tranquility of the experience. Part of the appeal is the beautiful surroundings that can be found at many of the best fishing spots. Unfortunately, as with any hobby that involves nature and people, a lot of great fishing spots end up tarnished due to the negligence of those who frequent them.  Read More
  • 2018 Kayak Angler's Choice Awards Winners

    We are excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards. This is YakAngler's eighth year hosting the awards. Read More
  • Jonesin' for Kayak Fishing Adventures

    We chat with Spencer Jones about his latest book, Jonesin for Kayak Fishing Adventures. Read More
  • KACA 2018 - Final Round

    The final round of the KACA has started! Read More
  • Kayak Karts That Can Make Your Life Easier

    If you have to transport your kayak from your vehicle to the water, then one of the kayak carts below will not only make your life easier, but also help to prevent damage to your kayak. Read More
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Recent Reviews

ACK (Austin Kayak)
"This is tale of two kayaks.... my first kayak from ACK arrived within 3 days of the order. I couldn’t believe it and have recommended ACK to many people. My 2nd kayak from ACK shipped within two days of the order, but unfortunately ACK has changed its shipping practices. This kayak has been in transit for 4 weeks. I called ACK to see if this is the norm and was told they hear this everyday. I would not..."
ACK (Austin Kayak)
"Very bad company. Do not buy from this company until they stop they stop deceiving us. Spend your Holiday dollars with companies that are truthful not with companies like ACK that basically deceive you with bait and switch tactics. Steve Sordello"
Future Beach "Cayman"
"A great value for a basic entry level fishing kayak"
Timeout Sport & Ski
"Extremely rude and no concept of customer service. Even went so far as to call me an ass hole and jerk because I recommend a different dealer ship because they charged to demo and test ride a kayak. "
Werner "Camano Hooked" Paddle
"Got this paddle as a gift from my nephew. I'd never used a Werner before. Now; I'd not use anything else if there was a choice. I've used kayak paddles before, but nothing like this. The catch, stroke, and exit are all clean. The comfort of the handle shape is in that "just right" area. The blade shape is ideal for it's purpose. I have the 250cm shaft that's just perfect for my 34" wide boat, whether my seat is..."
Wilderness Systems "Radar 135"
"Got this kayak as a birthday gift in September. It's my first kayak but I'm not unfamiliar with using kayaks. This has been my "dream kayak" since I first saw it reviewed last year. The plan had been to start cheap and upgrade a few times before I got to this kayak. It really feels like comfort and purpose wrap this boat from bow to stern. I've always regarded myself as a supremely adaptable angler and can change techniques, and..."


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    • Clay's Avatar
    • Kayaking newbie
    • Welcome Jack, you picked a grand time to ask questions. This is the off season for some of us but that also means that prices are very good at this...
    • 1 day 6 hours ago
    • krash's Avatar
    • Peacock
    • Nice fish... kayak or boats not needed... For all those who wish to catch one you don't need much.. even if you are just passing through Miami or Ft....
    • 5 days 8 hours ago
    • Yakcraz's Avatar
    • Crappie time
    • Where you at in N Alabama?
    • 5 days 18 hours ago
    • KevinRohland's Avatar
    • 7.2 A/H Sealed Batteries for sale
    • I came across a bunch of 7.2 A/H AGM sealed batteries that are slightly used. If anyone needs some for fish finders or other electronics let me know....
    • 6 days 3 hours ago

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