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  • New From Kaku Kayak This Fall: The Voodoo Fishing Paddle Craft

    Kaku Kayak has never been afraid to do things a little differently, so it is no surprise that their latest offering will be turning some heads. Read More
  • Protecting Yourself From Wildlife

    When you are out on the water with your sleek kayak, sophisticated gear, state of the art rods and high-tech gadgets, it’s easy to feel like an apex predator stalking your prey. This makes it easy to forget that, depending on where you do your angling, there might be other predators lurking about. Read More
  • Recap of Pacific Outfitters Trinidad Rockfish Wars

    The 7th annual Trinidad Rockfish Wars hosted by Pacific Outfitters took place on August 26th this year.  Read More
  • Interview - Bringing Award-Winning Sonar Technology to Kayak and Shore Anglers

    In this interview, we chat with the guys from Deeper about the birth of their company, their award-winning Smart Sonar fishfinders and their application in kayak fishing. Read More
  • Trying Out the Deeper Smart Sonar Plus

    Deeper gave us one of their Pro Plus units to try out, so Darrell Olson took it out on the water. See the review below. Read More
  • Deeper Giveaway Winner

    The Deeper Sonar Pro Plus impressed us at Icast 2017 and we were honored to work with them in a giveaway. Today, we are announcing the lucky winner of a Deeper Sonar Pro Plus. Read More
  • Bending Branches Giveaway: Exciting New Updates to Their Angler Paddles

    Bending Branches has recently updated some of their most popular quality paddles to make them even lighter, smarter and more beautiful.  In this exciting giveaway, a couple of lucky Yakanglers stand a chance to be among the first to own these state-of-the art designs. Read More
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Recent Reviews

Bayou Adventure
"Open 7 days a week 5am - 8pm. Offers kayak tours and self guided eco-tours on Cane Bayou and Bayou Lacombe. "Best of Louisiana Outdoors" New 4,000 sq ft showroom full of fishing gear, tackle, local craft beer, live bait, kayak gear, and more! Great for fishing fresh and salt water or even crabbing by kayak!"
Jackson Kayak "Cruise Angler 10"
" This boat for the most part has exceeded my expectations. I bought it for the sole purpose of floating small creeks and rivers and it excels at doing this. First off, it has a ton of storage for a ten foot boat, you could easily pack for a 3 day camping trip. Secondly, the stability is unreal for a boat this size. I'm 5'10" around 200 lbs. and by my third trip I was..."
ACK (Austin Kayak)
"First, the chat feature is absolute garbage. Took three different tries before someone finally got on to actually "help". Once I did get someone on the chat box, their replies were extremely slow and after answering one question, stopped responding altogether. Fine not a big deal. I made a large order with them after researching my own information and price matched various items in the process. They did not "process" my order until three whole..."
"The Rod Glove" Review
"I use them when transporting them in my kayak and in the rod locker of my bass boat. They keep the rods from getting tangled in the line of other rods. Only problem is you can push the tip of the rod thru the end of the glove. But not a major problem my wife sews them back up for me."
Onyx "A/M 24" Inflatable Life Jacket
"You can put it on and almost forget your wearing it. Light weight not bulky like other PFDs. Only down side CO2 refills are around $20. I find I wear my PFD every time I hit the water now.. "
Old Scout Bungee Dealee Bob
"I use a similar product for a few things but the best uses was as a safety tether for my rod holders. In the past I lost rod holders that came out when I grabbed the rod and the holders sunk quickly. Not anymore! "


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Latest From The Forum

    • inrll's Avatar
    • Native Ultimate
    • I have had one for 6 years. Your assessment is dead on. Its very "standable" because of the hull design and because your feet are actually below the...
    • 1 hour 32 minutes ago
    • DRH2O's Avatar
    • What are the best baits for trolling?
    • I've done a lot of trolling for bass and have an entire system that's based largely on Buck Perry's Sponplugging system with adjustments so it works...
    • 1 hour 38 minutes ago
    • kjfishman's Avatar
    • Sever Lake
    • Any one fish Sever Lake Northeast MO? I read it was also stocked with Muskie along with the normal bass, crappie etc....
    • 20 hours 21 minutes ago
    • basscatlildave's Avatar
    • Kayak trailer question
    • It may be that the trailer itself needs more weight on it. The vibration is really bouncing on the road.
    • 22 hours 44 minutes ago

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