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  • 2020 Line-Up of Apparel and Accessories From Gill

    It's a new year, which gives anglers the perfect opportunity for some new kayak angling apparel and accessories.  Read More
  • Get Your Monthly Awesome Outdoor Gear Fix With The Nomadik

    Christmas has come and gone, which means most anglers should have a ton of new gear and goodies to try out.  Read More
  • Keep Warm With The New Windproof North Hill Jacket By Gill

    Cold weather has never stopped avid kayak anglers from braving the elements, but care must be taken to keep warm.  Read More
  • Inexpensive Kayak Angling Gift Ideas

    With Christmas just around the corner, there is just enough time left for some last-minute gift shopping.  Read More
  • The All-New Hobie Mirage Passport 12 Now Available

    Hobie has recently announced that its all-new Hobie Mirage Passport 12 pedal-driven fishing kayak is now available from Hobie dealers worldwide.  Read More
  • Add Some Extra Security To Your Outdoor Activities With The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Tracker & Safety Beacon

    We have featured plenty of articles in the past about the safety aspects of kayak angling and ways to protect yourself, but one can never be too safe.  Read More
  • Shady Rays Are The Polarized Shades You Can Afford To Lose or Break

    Sunglasses are pretty much essential when kayak angling in harsh sunlight, but there is always a risk of losing them.  Read More
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Zebco "Omega Pro"
"Best spin cast for the money. I have the Z02, Z03 and Bullet and the 02 is my favorite. I have caught over 3000 fish over 3 years with the Omega Pro Z02 and had a part wear. Sent and email to Zebco customer service and had a response in 10 minutes. 3 days later, they sent me replacement parts. Fantastic product and service. If anyone tells you they are too expensive, don’t listen. Worth every penny."
Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS
"I would not recommend going over 300 lbs in this kayak. I sank mine while hunting with a tree climber on the back and a small duffle bag. All weight was slightly less than 300 lbs, but I somehow knocked the plug out of the top and took on water because of how low the rear was sitting. This kayak is very easy to paddle and can get you places fairly quick, but the seat back will get at..."


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    • Not fishing but
    • Congrats and Good Job. I didn't have a clear shot this fall . . . but we did arrange for 1/2 a Black Angus steer to visit our freezer for a stay....
    • 1 day 2 hours ago
    • KrakenMeUp's Avatar
    • Saltwater fishing near LA
    • Congrats on your move to L.A. I agree, starting in the bay is a good idea. If you're new to saltwater, there's no point trying to deal with the...
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    • pcolapaddler's Avatar
    • Are aluminum paddles LIGHTNING RODS?
    • In another life, I worked at a boat dealer/service dept. Lightning struck a boat in the yard. Best we could figure, it hit an antenna, ran through...
    • 4 days 1 hour ago
    • Fly2bTied's Avatar
    • Newbie
    • Welcome ! :welcome: :rock:
    • 4 days 9 hours ago

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