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  • Matthew Brannon Wins Hobie B.O.S Mississippi River Event

    Matthew Brannon, a 44-year old member of the U.S. Coast Guard, walked away with the top spot at the Hobie Bass Open Series Mississippi River Event. The competition, held in La Crosse, Wisconsin, saw Brannon, from Monks Corner, South Carolina, take the first-place prize of $6,250. He was joined by his wife, Amanda, on the 29-hour ride to the banks of the Mississippi.   Brannon's winning technique was to throw the same two lures at the same spot, which saw him landing nine of ten fish in his two-day limit. He went on to cull his way to the top of the leaderboard with a total of 167.25", which consisted of largemouth bass and bronzebacks.   According to the tournament director, A. J. McWhorter, there seemed to be schools of bass that were tightly packed together due to the water running a bit low as things kicked off. This made it a challenge for competitors to find these scattered schools. Then, thanks to heavy rain on Friday, anglers who had previously located fish had to switch gears again. In the end, the 110 anglers tallied 975 bass measuring up to 19.5" in length. McWhorter also congratulated Brannon for really getting the job done, especially as his service responsibilities mean he can't compete as much as he would like.   Brannon bested the field by 3.75" and led Day 2 of the competition from start to finish. His closest competitor was Rus Snyders, a 39-year old from Nashville, Tennessee, who tallied 164" of bass to earn second place. For his efforts, Snyders took home $3,355 while Jay Wallen, in third place with 163", made $2,155.   Brannon stated he had some solid pre-fishing action before the competition started and expected to do well but had to deviate from his game plan to make things work. His initial strategy was to target Pool 8 for smallmouths since he's done well there previously. However, due to the water being too low at his preferred spots this year, he opted to skip down to Pool 9. After pulling 81-inches in an hour, he went off in search for bigger fish and upgraded one fish at his second spot but didn't have any luck at his third choice. On the second day, after borrowing his wife's Power-Pole H-D Spike, Brannon returned to the spot he did so well the day before. He ended up working that single cast the entire day with fish that kept biting.   Joey Vanyo of Northville, Minnesota, earned the $400 Bassin' Big Bass Award for his 19.5" smallmouth, while Katherine Field of Ivins, Utah, got the Dakota Lithium Power Move award. This was thanks to her jump from 38th place on Day one to third place on Day 2. Winning the tournament qualified Brannon for the Hobie Tournament of Champions along with 4th place angler Eric Fletcher and 5th place finisher Guillermo Gonzalez. Both Snyders and Wallen had previously qualified for the 50-angler event.   The final open qualifying event on the Hobie B.O.S trail is Pickwick Lake, in Counce, Tennessee, which will take place on September 18 and 19.   Read More
  • Northland Fishing Tackle Introduces Trolling-Friendly Rumble B

    Northland Fishing Tackle recently introduced a new crankbait to its Rumble family in the form of the Rumble B. Read More
  • Jody Queen Crowned Victor of Harrisburg, PA Hobie Bass Open Series Event

    In early August, the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole took place at the Susquehanna River's world-class smallmouth fishery in Harrisburg, PA. Read More
  • Northland Fishing Tackle Puts A New Spin On Their Popular Reed-Runner Spinnerbait

    Spinnerbaits are an essential part of any angler's arsenal, and many favor a collection consisting of multiple styles, sizes, and colors. Read More
  • Daiwa Announces New Premium Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept

    Daiwa made a splash in the fluorocarbon line market a few years back with the release of their Samurai J-FLuoro. Read More
  • New Daiwa Jerkbait Features One-Of-A-Kind Design

    Jerkbaits have a proven track record when it comes to catching multi-species fish. However, Daiwa is not afraid to shake things up with a radical new take in jerkbait design. Read More
  • St. Croix Expands Victory Series With 17 New Rod Models

    St. Croix introduced their Victory series earlier this year in March with eight rods that were perfect for bass anglers. However, the series just got a whole lot bigger with the debut of 17 all-new bass-centric Victory rod models at ICAST 2021. Read More
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