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  • Spring 2017 Product Launches From Vibe On The Horizon

    Spring is just around the corner and with the warm weather we can also expect some exciting new gear from Vibe. For this year, the company is not only adding some tweaks to the Sea Ghost 130 to bring it up to date, but also bringing out two brand new vessels. Read More
  • How To Make A Heavy Duty Kayak Fishing Milkcrate

    The humble milk crate is still a favorite with kayak anglers looking for a cheap and effective way to store gear or tackle within easy reach. However, if you are looking for something a little more sturdy and versatile, it is well worth checking out this great tutorial from forum regular, Aliex Folgueira. In the video he demonstrates how you can take an ordinary milk crate and turn it into something that not only looks good, but will also last you a long time. Read More
  • Results Are In For First Dedicated Offshore Kayak Fishing Competition in Victoria, Portland

    Australia Day weekend saw 35 offshore kayak fishing enthusiasts duking it out for top honors at the Sea Sherpa North Shore Challenge. It is the first dedicated offshore kayak fishing competition for Victoria and more than $3,000 worth of prizes were up for grabs. Read More
  • Great Fish, Great Talent at Mosquito Lagoon Classic 2017

    This past weekend, 25 Anglers traveled from across the Gulf Region to fish the famous Mosquito Lagoon for bull redfish and gator trout.  Captain Pat was there and tells us all about it. Read More
  • Using Online Maps To Plan Fishing Trips

    Word-of-mouth is generally the best way to find out about great spots for fishing trips, but you can also use technology to your advantage. Most of what you read on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt, but if you know where to look and what to look for you can increase your odds of locating a great fishing spot.   This is where a web mapping service, such as Google maps or Google Earth can be invaluable. Read More
  • Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500

    Buying a kayak for fishing is a lot cheaper than buying a more traditional boat, but some of the newer and more expensive models can still put a serious dent in your bank balance. However, if all you desire is to get out on the water and fish, it is possible to pick up a few bargains along the way. Here are six kayaks that might not be as feature packed as their more expensive brethren, but can be yours for under $500. Read More
  • Always Weigh Your Trash

    Jeff Singleton recently embarked on his first winter smallmouth trip and caught something unwanted and unexpected. A trash fish. Or maybe not. He tells us all about it. Read More
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Recent Reviews

Jackson Kayak Mayfly
"I just spent 4 days in the new Jackson Kayak “Mayfly.” The first thing I noticed about the Mayfly is the extremely low side profile. This really helped in the wind and keeps the kayak from getting blown about. It will make for extremely easy deep water reentry as well (I will test that on purpose when the water warms up). The very next thing I noticed is the open deck. I mean this is a beautiful, flat, wide open..."
Jackson Kayak “Big Rig”
"I paddled this thing twice. All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't have to go far. This thing feels like paddling a bath tub. It's big, wide, stable and has plenty of accessories. If that's what you are looking for, it might be a good fit. But you don't want to have to cover any distance in this thing. I guess it was made for fat guys who like to drift with the tide. Also, keep in..."
Jackson Kayak “Cuda 14”
"This is the best kayak made by Jackson. This is a great fishing platform. Its wide enough to offer moderate stability without sacrificing speed. Most Jackson kayaks are virtually useless without some sort of motor. This one is quite quick and can be maneuverable with a rudder. It's probably a little overpriced. But it should last a long time without the need to upgrade. "
Hobie "Mirage Adventure"
"Speed: This by far the fastest kayak I have ever owned. I got it up to 6.5mph and could easily cruise at 4.5mph with very little effort. I don't think there is another sit on top kayak that could hang with it. Stability: At 27.5" wide there are sacrifices. It is fast but primary stability is obviously less that the typical barge style kayaks we are all used to. This boat has long waterline. The rocker is shaped to..."
Buff "UVX Mask"
"I got one of these from a friend. I have used the original buff for years now. This one is a little different. It has vent holes for your mouth and nose and is a little longer in the front and back. I use this one mostly in the winter months. It does a good job of cutting the wind. I like that I can tuck inside my shirt to stay warm."
Hobie Large "Twist and Stow Rudder"
"For the money, I think this the best upgrade you can do to your Hobie kayak. There is nothing wrong with stock rudder, but wow what a difference. The factory rudder will get your turned around but there is a bit of delay. With the bigger rudder, hang on. This makes your yak turn with authority. I also noticed that I now have a reduced turning radius. This is nice when I fish some of the narrow rice field..."


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